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The Fresh Faces Project Meets Venta: People Take Selfies In Support of Venta

This article is meant to serve as a fun way for some of your favorite neighborhood people to give their thoughts on  Venta  and take some awesome selfies in the process! Fresh Faces are people of all backgrounds! A huge thank you goes to the participants who so generously shared their time and pics ;-) Their name is hyperlinked with their social media! If you aren't sure who Venta is, please be sure to check out the article here explaining the basics of the company's main products, and here to see the previous collaboration between The Fresh Faces Project and Venta. **These quotes are in no way sponsored "My favorite and t he most important attribute of the Airwasher is that it improves air quality, which  is that it helps you to sleep better. Allowing the individual to get the required amount of sleep to function properly. Sleep is an important element of both physical and mental health because it affects your immune system and can have a long lasting affect on

The Fresh Faces Project Meets Venta: Real Beauty In The Eyes of Fashion Models

What is real beauty? This is something that's been debated since the dawn of time. Many people think that real beauty means that you conform to society's standards of what is visually acceptable for a person to look like. Others feel that it has nothing to do with the physical at all, whereas it is is a more or less spiritual concept of a pure heart solidifying one's "true" beauty. Yet, what does this concept of "real beauty" mean for those who are pressured to look their best, the most? Fashion Models. This article is a collaboration between the Fresh Faces Project , and Venta USA , where we are going to get to the bottom of the issues "what is real beauty?", "What effect does the fashion industry have on this?" and "how does a product called the Venta Airwasher correlate?" through the eyes of several fashion models of all ages, both male and female. Those who have been featured as Fresh Faces in the past have hyperl

Fresh Face: Ilka Tamar

"I am a fashion model with almost 20 years experience. I also have my own blog which is all about fashion, beauty and modeling. It can be used as personal tools for a confident lifestyle, boosting girls self confidence " - Ilka Tamar What is your proudest moment throughout your career? Out of almost 20 years in modeling, my proudest moment is when I opened my own Modeling School back in my hometown of Puerto Rico called "MetaMorphosis by Ilka Tamar." Modeling is a passion for me but being able of teach my experiences during all this years is my biggest motivation. My Modeling Academy allowed all kind of students petites, plus, and older moedls (30+). I believe there are no limitations to learn modeling as self confidence. Who is an inspirational role model for you? My biggest inspiration is my grandma, she is the person that I have always looked up to. She is a strong woman with a straight mind set to conquer whatever is put in her plate. She taug

Audi - Chicago's Fashion Week Finale

Hi guys! I hope you guys are doing awesome! I am coming to you today blogging about Audi presenting the Chicago Fashion Week Finale, hosted by Fashion Bar Chicago. Shoutout to them for the invitation, especially Caitlin Nero! :) If the goal was to end off with a bang, then mission thoroughly accomplished! I'm not quite sure where to start. There were so many things that I enjoyed about the entire event. How about the stark diversity amongst the pieces? I saw everything from dresses to costumes to pants suits to athletic wear. They really put together a nice multitude of fashion styles so that literally evryone in the audience could have something they loved. With so many collections that were presented, I got more than my fair share of eye candy for this season LOL. I also appreciate the fact that they had models of many ethnic backgrounds, sizes and it was co-ed. This was very nice to see as many times, all of the models in major fashion shows look very similar. So, kudos to t

Chicago Fashion Week's Glitter Ball 2017

Hi guys! Thanks for reading! Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being invited to Chicago Fahsion Weeks' Glitter Ball, hosted by Fashion Bar Chicago at the Godfrey Hotel. Thank you so much for the invitation, especially Caitlin Nero. The menu was quite nice, including the cocktails LOL. I was able to network with an amazing model who will later on be featured as a Fresh Face on this blog so be on the lookout for her ;) But, most importantly, I was BLOWN AWAY by the designers JAW DROPPING collection. His name is Kaori Semaj, a brilliant, award winning visual maven. I think it has been a very long time since I have been as intrigued by a collection as I was with this one. There were such strong cutural elements of those within the black diaspora, power to the people LOL. But it was excuted in such a nuance couture way. There was a heavy theme of African Kings and Queens, some Egyptian folklore references, and with a color palette of this pure fool's gold that only made the

Mercedes Benz - Chicago's Fashion Week

Hi guys! I hope you guys are all doing great! Two weeks ago, I had the honor of attending Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Chicago, hosted by Fashion Bar Chicago. A huge thanks to Fashion Bar Chicago, specifically Caitlin Nero. Now, I must say that I was very much impressed. I was so happy to recieve such nice treatment by the staff and be greeted by so many awesome fellow bloggers/media personell. I loved a lot of the designs that were presented at this show. There seemed to be an overwhelming amount of dresses, which is common at female fashion shows, with very little seperates. However, each dress was so uniquely crafted that your eyes didn't tire. Also, I can appreciate their use of varying sized models. Many of the collection hosted a theme, one was a time capsule throughout history. It demonstrated mod approaches to the styles of people in history, such as prehistoric times, WW1 , up to present day. Another one focused on fuisng fantasy fashion with evening wear, which tur