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Celebrity Fresh Faces Participant: Mark Schwartz part 2

Hi guys! Thanks for reading! As you all remember, the amazing Mr. Mark Schwartz was featured as a celebrity participant in The Fresh Faces Campaign for his awesome works in fashion and shoe design. In case you missed it, here's a small run down of his expertise (entire feature linked below): He has over three decades worth of experience in the fashion and arts industry. He has been trained by and partnered with legendary innovators such as Andy Warhol and Roger Vivier. His work has graced the pages of almost any high ranking fashion magazine that you can think of. He sells out internationally, including the fashion capitol of the world, Paris. And, his celebrity client list is a mile long with names such as Oprah, Madonna, Lady Gaga and Wendy Williams. With such a resume, I am highly enthused that he has agreed to work with me and I would again like to offer thanks! Today, we are going to focus less on the fashion aspect of his career and moreso on the artistic end. I have

Special Fresh Faces Collaboration: Mark Schwartz!!

Hi guys! Thanks for reading! It is my absolute pleasure to bring you a very special celebrity Fresh Faces participant. He is none other than the footwear phenom, Mark Schwartz! With a client list that exceeds a mile long and talent that is clearly divine, he certainly has more than his foot in the door. He has a montage of accomplishments in the fashion industry that anyone who is aspiring to succeed, especially in arts and footwear could benefit from observing! I would like to give him a special thanks for agreeing to work with me on this project! It is greatly appreciated.. How does one begin to scribe the fabulous host of achievements that Mark Schwartz has gained? Well, let's begin with the fact he has been creating and comprising some of the most artistically innovative shoe designs and foot wear that the world has ever seen for well over three decades! If you ask him why his passion is foot wear, he can tell you that he believes shoes are an accessory that he considers