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The Wonderland Fashion Show: Fresh Faces Collaboration with House of Tres Jolie Boutique

Hi guys! I hope all is well. Thanks again as always for reading! Today I am coming at you guys with a special feature for the House of Tres Jolie Boutique. I was granted the honor of partnering with them for The Fresh Faces Project and giving you guys a little bit of insight into their business. I myself was able to see first hand how truly hard working and amazing the staff is when I was granted VIP access to their Wonderland Fashion Show a couple of weeks ago. I must say that I was truly floored. A huge thank you from both me and my assistant Shay goes out to the CEO, Miss Sam Cook. She did a fabulous job putting the whole thing together. The event was hosted by legendary media personality Miss Frankie Robinson, whom I had the pleasure of meeting along with my assistant Shay. Her comical and down to earth demeanor really kept the crowd and the staffsmen at ease and feeling relaxed throughout such a production! Some of the vendors and designers that were featured in the fashion

African Festival of Arts Gala 2016

 Hey guys! I hope all is well. Thanks again for reading! I am coming at you with a late post just as a thank you to Africa International House for allowing me to work their annual gala. It was honestly a great experience getting to help coordinate with the fashion show with Miss Melody Boykin from BFWUSA, chat it up with some beautiful models and gain inspiration from some very successful designers and fashion entrepreneurs. The entertainment was amazing, the Afro Latino band music was live and hot! The scenery was beautifully decorated with swaying colorful fabrics of every rainbow spectrum and the clever usage of lights and shadows created beautiful contrast throughout the venue. Some quotes from two of the designers are listed below: When asked how she feels about her collection, as well as black owned businesses, Ms. Teresa Fefe had this to say: "I feel that my designs are unique in the sense that every single piece has a part of me. I hand paint everything so that I

Special Fresh Faces Collaboration: Poze Productions/Poze Records and the XMA Music Awards

Greetings! I hope you guys are doing absolutely fantastic! Thanks again for tuning in. Today, I am coming at you guys with a very special post that is absolutely dear to my heart. This post is not only to speak on the fabulous time I had at the XMA music awards but to announce my new partnership with Poze Productions / Poze Records. Although I have announced many other business collabs in the past, I honestly can say that this one hits home. As you all know, I am the Founder of my non for profit campaign, The Fresh Faces Project, in which I help aspiring talent gain free promotion, networking and social media management. Well, Poze Productions has a very similar outlook on reaching to help those trying to make it in their career. That is why I am sending my love and gratitude to Miss Harmony and Vanessa, as well as the CEO, Mike Greyer, of course for allowing me to be a part of their organization! Here are a few words from the company to describe some of their best attributes: &

The Miss Voluptuous Diva 2016 Pageant

Greetings! I hope all is well with everyone! Thanks again for reading :) I am coming at you guys with a blog post covering The Miss Voluptuous Diva 2016 Pageant. First, please allow me to give my gratitude from both myself, and my lovely assistant, Nikhaule, to the Founder, Miss Barbara Ellzey. Because of her, we were able to experience fun, fashion and fellowship at this beautiful event! We hope to be able to attend her evets in the future, as this one was so impressive. If you are wondering what this pageant is all about, here's a quick summary from the Facebook page: " The Miss Voluptuous Diva USA Pageant celebrates full-figured women's curves-beyond a size 14. It is a empowerment pageant for next level women. In partnership with the Reach Leadership Program For Girls." As curvy women ourselves, Nikhaule and I can certainly appreciate that this program gives recognition to us thick women and acknowledges that poise, passion and praise can come in all sizes.