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Cay & Shay Cosmetics! Limited Edition Liquid Lipsticks

Hi! Thank you for showing interest in Cay&Shay Cosmetics ! All liquid lipsticks offer the following: Soft matte finish (doesn't dry your lips out, be sure to exfoliate and apply moisturizer prior) Affordable Price ($3.50 to $5 depending on color plus shipping) Large Amount of Product (0.27 Ounces as compared to average industry amount 0.15 ounces) Extremely water resistant  Buildable color (starts semi sheer, can build to full pigmentation) Long wear Quick set: 2 minutes Charitable donation (all proceeds go to the advancement of The Fresh Faces Project) Watch Videos of "Elektra" and "Black Swan" water test: CAY's COLORS:   "Plush" Soft Pink "Elektra" Bright Blue Based Red "Black Swan" Jet Black **Contact Calynn at Cay's Colors Plush $3.50 USD Elektra $3.50 USD Black Swan $3.50 USD SHAY's COLORS: "Spy" Electric B

Couture New York Fashion Week!

Hi guys! I hope you are well! Thanks again for reading :) Today, I'm presenting you with the blog post of a lifetime. I was able to go to New York Fashion Week with my friend/ assistant Shay for the month of February. I can barely even verbalize how honored I was to be invited to a dream event of mine. Since I was 12 years old, I've fantasized of going to New York Fashion Week, thinking that I would never be fortunate enough to attend. Yet, thanks to Couture Fashion Week, I was able to do so. Originally, I was scheduled to attend The Society's New York Fashion Week show at Gotham Hall. Boy, was I stoked. Thank you to Mr. Brady King! Sadly, weather restrictions made me lose that opportunity. That is when Couture Fashion Week came in and saved the entire year by responding to a press request email and allowing both myself and Shay VIP front row access to their shows. And they were a complete knockout! We weren't ready. I need not go into depth about the immaculate d