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The Politics of Girl World (part 3) Lightskinned vs Darkskinned

Hey you guys! Its ya girl J*P* comin at you with another segment of "The Politics of Girl World". Today we are talking about lightskinned vs darkskinned. Alot of people tend to believe that the fairer you are, the better. Not true. So many women in foreign countries, layon beaches and sulk up sun to achieve those rich darker tones so why are women fretting and bleaching when they are naturally blessed with them. And, why are women trying to convince themselves that they are one color when they are another. Don't get me wrong because all colors are beautiful. Its just something about that gorgeous tanned/bronzed brown skin that appeals to me. I am neither lightskinned nor darkskinned, I am this color:  (caramel/peanutbutter/brownskinned tone) Now, If you are this color then you should not go around claiming to be "lightskinned" because NEWSFLASH you're not. To be lightskinned means to have very little-no brown on you. And this color clearly has a nice sha

How To: Chic and Voluminous High Messy Bun

hey guys! Its ya girl J*P* comin at you with another hair tutorial! In this tutorial, I'm showing you how to get hair like this: with very little work. TOOLS NEEDED: fine tooth comb a scrunchy a thin headband bobby pins light finishing spray (i use white rain airosol $1) INSTRUCTIONS: 1) start with somewhat straight hair 2)section off a generous part in the front for the poof 3)gather the rest of the hair into a high ponytail 4)seperate ponytail into small sections and randomly pin them so that it gives a messy effect (but make sure it still looks cute ;) ) 5)take your front section and lightly backcomb 2 or 3 times 6) pin the section down so that you now have a medium height poof 7)add your headband but make sure to push it back so that a small section of the poof is smoothed down 8)pull a few thin stray pieces in the front and to give a messy effect (u may curl them if neccesary) 9)spray a light finishing spray YOURE DONE! enjoy :) Josh* Paramore*

How To : Kardashian Curls with a Semi-Dry Rollerset

hey you guys! its ya girl J*P* comin at you with a hair tutorial! I got a request from someone on a LOW HEAT journey who wanted to achieve the famous Kardashian Curls without the use of a hot iron. So.... I present to you how to get hair like this: with a simple low heat process :) TOOLS NEEDED: blow dryer with a low setting light leave in conditioner (i use Garnier Sleek N Shine $3) a setting lotion (i use Africas Best $3) a wide tooth comb a fine tooth comb finishing spray with medium hold (i use White Rain airosol $1) blowdryer brush/vented paddle brush heat protectant INSTRUCTIONS: 1) start with freshly shampooed and conditioned hair 2)apply leave in conditioner 3)allow hair to airdry to approximately 75% 4)lightly mist your heat protectant on your hair 5)blowdry hair in sections with brush until dry and mostly-completely straight (depending on desired volume) 6)apply setting lotion to hair from mid-shaft to ends (you want the hold to be at the bottom in order t

HAIR! Your Questions and My Answers ;)

hey you guys! its ya girl J*P* comin at ya with a hair post.YAY! IK its been a while but i have some pretty gud info here. 1) What is the difference between a moisturizing deep conditioner and a protein deep conditioner, and how often should i use both? Well, a moisturizing deep conditioner will usually say things like "revitalizes" "nourishes" "moisturizes" and/or "hydrates". A protein conditioner will either say "protein" "mayonnaise" or "cholestrol". A moisturizing conditioner is adding moisture to dry hair, feeding it so to speak. A protein conditioner is strengthening the hair and filling in weak spots. You should do a protein treatment every 3-6 weeks and a moisturizing deep condition with every wash. 2)What does it mean to be "heat trained"? To be heat trained is to purposely "damage" natural hair to losen the curl pattern as a better alternative to a chemical processor. 3)What

Juicy Couture small messenger bag :)!

Hi you guys! Its ya girl J*P* comin at you with another post. I would just like to rave about this purse that was recently given to me as a gift! It is a Juicy Couture mini messenger bag and it is purple faux suede. :) I LUV IT!!!!! It retails for $98 but is definitely worth the price. Lots more space than it appears. Plus it is an awesome statement piece.   Its been real, Thee Josh* Paramore*

OOTD #1 : Glitter Swagged Biker

Hey you guys! Its ya girl J*P* comin at you with my very first OOTD and I am soo excited:) Today, I present you my Glitter Swagged Biker outfit: AKDMKS  dark wash denim jacket - $40 blue glittery sequined sleeveless turleneck- $10 at Pay/Half dark grey sequined belt- $10 at WalMart simple black skinnies- $40 at Sears dark grey sequined flats-$20 at Payless assorted bangles- $1-3 at Glitter My inspiration for this outfit was actually a side by side picture of Hannah Montana and an 80's motorcycle chick. Seeing the two opposites be juxtaposed in such a way made me think of what an awesome style collabo they'd make! Henceforth, the birth of this outfit :) Luv ya, Thee J*P*

WEEKLY WORD #1 -NuNu The Sweet Sophisticate

Hey you guys! Its ya girl J*P* comin at you with my very first Weekly Word and today I am posting on someone who has a very simple yet sophisticated style that only she can master. Whether she has on studded knee boots and a bomber jacket or just a sweater with skinnies, she always look well put together and classy :) Here is her outfits: As you see, she mixes swag and common fashion trends to create a classic look whether she is cool and casual or dressy and hot :) INTERVIEW: WHAT IS YOUR PERSONAL STYLE? My style is classy yet fun and comfortable. And inexpensive (deal finder ;) ) INSPIRATION FOR OUTFITS? 1) My cousin Dashika like Minnie Mouse and it reminded me of her. So i chose to wear this sweatshirt with fluffy grey boots and fiitted black jeans. SWAG! 2)Felt like being dressy so I threw on my studded black Simply Fashion knee boots with matching hight waist belt with grey sweater, white tank and medium wash jeans. WHAT R UR MOST HAPPENIN STORES? I like Wet SEal,

November Announcements!!!!!

Hi guys :)! Its ya girl J*P* comin at you with a few November Announcements : 1)My first OOTD will be posted sometime this week :) yay! sorry for the long wait 2)I will be starting a new segment to my blog entitled "Weekly Word" in which I shall post about my fashion inspiration for that week (if any). 3) I will begin doing product reviews. 4)I may do a closet tour sometime this month. 5)Black Friday is in a couple weeks so don't forget!!!!!! Thanks for reading:) Luv much Josh* Paramore*

The Politics of Girl World (part 2)******

Hey you guys! Its ya girl J*P* comin at you with a continuation on my Oct 1st post "The Politics of Girl World". As you know, women (teen girls specifically) have these unspoken unwritten rules to value and beauty. However, these rules are so wrong and these posts are here to prove it. Ok so alot of women (black women specifically) believe that natural hair is not acceptable and that relaxed hair is a necesity for beauty. It is sooo untrue. These are two stunning natural haired ladies:   so as you can clearly see, that belief is false. beautiful women come in all forms:) keep it stylin! Thee Josh* Paramore*