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Knock Off Vs Authentic, Does it Matter?

Hi Guys! Its ya girl J*P* comin at you with a post about knock off vs authentic designer. Okay, now by me being an aspiring fashion designer I obviously think that knock off is not okay and that I personally would not knowingly wear it. I say this because I feel that knock off is an insult to the original designer. However, I DO NOT JUDGE THOSE WHO WEAR IT! Example (fake Juicy Couture Daydreamer VS real Juicy Couture Daydreamer) fake($129)  real($198) now a couple of the obvious differences is that the color saturation of the velour is much better with the real one. a deep brown (as it is supposed to be) with even tone. Whereas the fake one has a faded, washed out splotchy tone. Also, another thing is that the words on the fake one are very jumbled and smushed together and the writing is sloppy. Yet the real one has smooth letters that are nicely spaced. One last thing ill mention is that the fake one has dents and very flimsy skeleton, yet the real one is standing tall and str

Dear BP Fashion Board...

Dear BP Fashion Board, If you're reading this, I just want to thank you so much for even considering my application. I realize that there are thousands of girls whom you have seen great talent in. However, I can promise you that if I am fortunate enough to get picked, that you won't be disappointed. I'm gonna make this short because I hate to drag on and take up your time. Even if I don't get selected, I still commend you for creating such a great program that allows teen girls to live their dreams, on behalf of all aspiring fashionistas. Sincerest of Thoughts, Thee Josh* Paramore*

HIIII :) FInally Back...

HI guys! its ya girl J*P* comin at u with an update. i appologize 4 the long wait because i have gotten a few requests and i surely will try my best 2 fulfill them. upcoming posts: 1) texturizer/texlax vs relaxed hair 2)how to succesfully color block 3) Whats The Word: Nikki M 4)Whats The Word: Eden Crush :) Thanks u guys for ur patience. By the way, I am applying for the 2012- 2013 BP Fashion Board, please pray for me! Its been real, Thee Josh* Paramore*