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Fresh Face: Hannah Dallariva

Greetings! Today's Fresh Face is aspiring makeup artist, Hannah Dallariva from North Carolina! She is sugar, spice and everything nice. Known as the "Eyebrow Goddess", she has definitely hoined her skills over the past 5 years of practicing makeup. At the tender age of 16, she has definitely come very far. With big dreams such as getting a business degree, making a difference by helping others and becoming an author, she has her head on the right track. She is currently undecided about whether or not to start a YouTube channel, but she certainly has the skills to do such! If you would like to contact her, you can reach her at the following: IG @hannahsmakeup_ and @hannah_dallariva P.S. She's doing a giveaway at 1500 followers on Instagram! If you would like to become the next Fresh Face, please email me at with 4+ pictures, a summary of your talents and experience and links to your social media. Th

Product Review! TruSelf Organics Detoxifying Mask

Hi you guys! Today, I am coming to you with a product review. I am giving you a run down on my opinion of the TruSelf Organics detoxifying mask. This mask is a great fix for when your skin really needs a pick me up! Before applying the mask, I had a very oily T-Zone and my skin was somewhat dull from being under the weather for the last few days. After applying the mask to my freshly washed face, I left it on for approximately 15 minutes and allowed it to set into my skin. To remove the mask, I rinsed my face with lukewarm water and a wash cloth. It was as if the mask just slipped off! It wasn't at all difficult to remove. The results were amazing! My T-Zone had dried up to a leveled moisture and my face had a healthy glow. This is hands down a great product! I completely recommend it to all of you guys. To purchase the detoxifying mask along with other skin care products, please visit . You may follow the CEO on her Instagram account @supermodelmomma1 a

Special Guest Fresh Faces: The Glam Twinz (Kelsey and Kendra)

Greetings! Today we have a special guest feature on the site. Today's Fresh Faces are the oh so fabulous Glam Twinz!These two have really contributed to the natural hair and beauty community throughout their many years on YouTube. As a long term subscriber myself, I must say that they have helped a lot of people including myself. Kelsey and Kendra, both 23 years of age, have managed to build a subscriber base of over 350,000 subscribers! This is because of their instinctive passion to help women feel beautiful about themselves, both internally and aesthetically. Having graduated as "Master Cosmetologists" from Aveda Institute of Atlanta, they not only have skill but the credentials! They originally co-created their YouTube channels to educate and inform the public. They felt inclined to assist the everyday woman in maximizing her health and beauty, as many people had looked to them for advice already. This caring deed has earned them a spot amongst the Top YouTube Bea

Special Guest Fresh Face: Lolita Price!

Greetings! Today we have a very special guest on the blog today. She is award winning actress, YouTube personality, multi talented Lolita Price! As a long time subscriber, I was absolutely honored to feature her. If you don't know her yet, which is highly unlikely, you will soon! Her resume is too long to specifically list, however we are going to give you a little bit of back drop on this starlett. Her budding acting career began with commercial modeling for famous brands such as McDonald's and Adidas. Now, she has not only starred in multiple films such as "Static" (2014), but she has directed her own movie, "Push" (2015)! The first thing you may notice about her is her stunning resemblance of Aaliyah. You're not the only one. This has been noticed by fans and entertainment moguls alike. Wow, she is on the rise! Aside from her pursuits in film, she has her name in the fashion and beauty industry. As the first international brand ambassador for Hairf

Costume Makeup: Maleficent Inspired (highly requested)

Greetings! Today I FINALLY bring you the Maleficent makeup tutorial. I am so sorry it took me literally forever to get to. Life just keep you busy sometimes! But, I thank you for waiting :) So, let's get started! Here is the look: What You'll Need: -a white face base (an extremely pale foundation will do) -varying shades of green eyeshadow -a dark purple lipstick -a deep red shimmer gloss -white eyeliner pencil -black eyeliner pencil -varying shades of purple eyeshadow -white eyeshadow -volumizing mascara -a powder brush -eyeshadow brush -contour brush -blending brush -eyebrow brush -green contacts What you'll do: 1)Begin by applying your white facial base with your fingers all over the face. You can do more than one layer if you'd like. The more layers you apply, the more apparent the green in your skin will be. 2)Next, taking a contour brush, begin carving out the hollows of your face with a MATTE dark green eyeshadow. These areas include