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The Fresh Faces Project Meets Venta: Real Beauty In The Eyes of Fashion Models

What is real beauty? This is something that's been debated since the dawn of time. Many people think that real beauty means that you conform to society's standards of what is visually acceptable for a person to look like. Others feel that it has nothing to do with the physical at all, whereas it is is a more or less spiritual concept of a pure heart solidifying one's "true" beauty.

Yet, what does this concept of "real beauty" mean for those who are pressured to look their best, the most? Fashion Models. This article is a collaboration between the Fresh Faces Project, and Venta USA, where we are going to get to the bottom of the issues "what is real beauty?", "What effect does the fashion industry have on this?" and "how does a product called the Venta Airwasher correlate?" through the eyes of several fashion models of all ages, both male and female. Those who have been featured as Fresh Faces in the past have hyperlinked names to their articles.

**Their opinions are in no way sponsored



"My name is Leslie Garnett and I have modeled professionally for years. I pride myself for being extremely professional, courteous and mindful of timelines. I have had the opportunity to walk in numerous shows, commercials, cameos and campaigns. I have participated in fashion weeks in Houston, Chicago and Indianapolis. I have modeled for Mz. Lorna Moore’s Dare to Be Different (Indiana) 2015, 2016 and 2017(and was selected to be the face of their 2017 campaign). I am a featured model for BFF Management as well as a Brand Ambassador for Teresa Fe-Fe Designs. Modeling to me is a passion and I consider myself a grateful and impassioned “hanger”.

Being in this industry it is absolutely crucial to take care of your skin. Having and sticking to a healthy regime makes it easy to maintain great skin. Hydration, moisturizing and proper rest are the three most important things that you can do for your skin.

Using the Venta Airwasher in your home would definitely be beneficial to maintaining healthy skin because it assists in removing bacteria, alleviates dry skin as well as helps reduce sleepless nights."

"I am Ilka Tamar and I am a professional model with over 20 years of experience. It is with that experience that I created my blog, so I can now share all my knowledge, tips and tricks I learned during my years deep in the ranks of Fashion, Beauty and Modeling. Being on the inside for so many years has allowed me to gain a unique scope regarding fashion, beauty and modeling and it has allowed me to view them for what they truly should be; tools for self-confidence, not just exterior appearances.
Being a model is explained in the word MODEL. Everyone sees you as a role model in Society. I have 35 years and my daily routine includes in the majority natural vegan products and natural fruits and vegetables found on your kitchen. I believe on the natural options as  cure for our body. Wearing heavy makeup for photos and runway shows is a big challenge to achieve a healthy skin but taking care of removing makeup every night is a big step for a healthy skin. 

The Venta Airwasher is great for enhancing natural beauty.  100% Green energy not only will help me as individual, it helps the environment and that is a plus. It also helps with moisture on the skin that we lost every day by environmental factors! It is excellent that I can have this while I sleep when the body is regenerating itself. Being able to remove allergens is a great value for this product since the environment outside is so unclean. Having a device so practical as this helps clean your environment and rejuvenates your skin at the same time."

"My name is Brian Boyle.  I’m 6’1, 170 pounds and have been modeling for a little over a year now.  I’m a Purdue graduate from Chicago and lead a very active lifestyle, always trying to improve my body, health and mind.

Natural beauty is very important for fashion modeling, and somewhat difficult to maintain.  On average, I work out for 2 hours a day, 6 days a week to maintain the standards necessary for modeling.  It’s crucial to keep up excellent body standards in this industry due to the high competition.  Both male and female models face a ton of pressure with keeping their bodies and skin looking as pristine as possible.

The Venta Airwasher can benefit many people, regardless of if they are models or not.  It creates the proper level of moisture in the air, which allows for a much easier, quieter and deeper level of sleep.  The Airwasher optimizes, energizes, and adds beneficial air that leads to improvement in concentration and daily productivity.  This is key in a lifestyle that demands a lot of energy and motivation to maintain beauty and wellness."



"My name Is Lexi Gibson I was born and raised In Chicago. I am a actress/model working my way up in the industry. Modeling makes me feel beautiful, strong and confident and I want to inspire others to believe in themselves and make their dreams come by staying positive and keep moving forward.

Natural beauty and being a fashion model tend to overlap; as a model you wear a lot of heavy makeup and that can wear out your skin and cause a breakout by clogging up your pores. I personally don’t like to wear a lot of makeup, I like to keep it as natural as possible. I feel like the more women show their natural beauty the more they glow. 

I feel like a product like Venta Airwasher can benefit anyone who wants to live a long healthy lifestyle especially those who want to be in the beauty or fashion industry. Taking care of yourself is extremely important and this product is not only eco friendly, but has multiple benefits like keeping your air clean so you can sleep better at night without congestion, or hydrating the skin which helps reduce the chance for wrinkles(something no one wants). "


"My name is China Wells, I am a 22 year old model from Chicago. I've worked with Bronner Brothers, ORS Hair Care, Groupon, Jim Beam, Fashion Week, was featured on WCIU, walked for a host of designers and much more.  Within my 2 years of modeling I have gained so much experience and connected with some amazingly talented people. 

Being a fashion model and trying to maintain natural beauty can be difficult in society do to everyone try to fit in the social norm. Models are often pressured into having certain looks to appeal to a certain crowd. Trying to look younger with heavy make up while maintaining a healthy skin regime will always be a challenge amongst us models. 

I feel that The Venta Airwasher is a great way of helping people keep somewhat of a balance in their everyday lives. Regardless if your a model or not everyone can benefit from the Air-washer and receive fresh clean air and and nice healthy radiant skin.  "



As seen on Steve Harvey’s talk show, Giavonni Jenkins is a curvy, petite, plus size model that inspires other women with her walk on a d off the runway. She has model for the like of Ashley Stewart, Anelehs Atelier, HerTreasures boutique & Blake Martin Productions.

"In this fashion Industry it can be very youth driven. There is a constant underling pressure to remain young looking like you are anywhere from 5 to 10 years younger in order to stay on top of your game.The marriage of natural beauty and beauty standards within the fashion community has zeroed in on a more healthier stance in regard to models. The fashion climates' focus on natural beauty and the overall health and wellness of models has open the door for proper conversations about retaining & maintaining healthy lifestyles on and off the runway.

The Venta Airwasher has found its niche in this marriage of heath and wellness in an amazing way that saves time and money. This product has different benefits to help in the process of bring your best self forward with it many functions. The purpose of this product in itself is designed for comfort and contribute to YOU living your best life!! Interest? So was I!!!"

Gia IG   Gia Facebook NAAVA RAMIREZ

"I studied apparel merchandising and marketing, because of my interest in the fashion and beauty industry. My interest in the fashion and experience in beauty the industries  prompt me to begin my modeling career. I've had the opportunity to work with several well known companies and to date have have over 70k views.

Though I love everything beauty it can be a challenge at times living up and being viewed as just a face.  As an older model the image is especially important, because maintenance becomes very important. Piling on the products for shows, photos and to maintain the public image that is expected can be harsh on my skin, but is is just business.

As an advocate for preventative skin and body care I feel that a product such as your Venta Airwasher is especially important.  As someone that has worked in skincare I do know and believe your product has amazing potential hydration and moister is key to it's the fountain of you may search for and never find."

Naava IG   Naava Blog


"My name is Kelly Bozic and I’m a model in Chicago, Illinois. I’m also a mother, personal trainer, and office manager! Once I find a passion for something the possibilities are endless! 

Natural beauty in this industry is beyond important in this industry, anyone can wear make up and look amazing but it’s really about how you look naturally that is attractive. There is so much pressure to look and stay looking young, especially once you start getting into your late 20’s. The talk of Botox, anti wrinkle creams, and fillers is astonishing! 

I think the Venta Airwasher would be incredible for models in this industry. It would help us fight all the signs of aging and keep us on our A game, better sleep, more moisture, less wrinkles- it’s a no brainer! "


Quanesha Jermon is an outgoing and wholehearted fashion model in Chicago. She specializes in commercial, beauty and promo. She also is an actress.

"Natural beauty and fashion modeling overlaps in so many ways. You have to have perfect clear skin, but sometimes its impossible to do so when you wear tons of makeup for photo shoots or fashion shows.

The Venta Airwasher, helps you get your beauty sleep that you've been dying for while moisturizing and keeping your skin glowing while you sleep. "

Nesha Website   Nesha IG


Jordan Abernathy is an international, published model. After making a name for himself in the Houston modeling scene in 2016, he’s since moved to Fort Worth and continues to travel far and wide to see the world and work with skilled photographers from various backgrounds. 

"Being a model means having to look and be your best at any given moment. We strive to be what others strive to be, and because of that the pressure this industry puts onto us to look younger, and flawless can be intense. I know without proper sleep, and care for my skin and energy can really effect my craft. 

The Venta Airwasher makes sense for anyone who not only wants to look their best but feel their best. We are a product of our environment, so why not create the best possible environment for us to thrive in? "


"My Name is Taran Knight, And I am A 24 Year Old Fashion Model from the city of Detroit, Michigan. I Have Been Doing Fashion Modeling For Over 2 Years, And It Has Been An Incredible Journey. I Have Been To Places To Model Like New York City, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Chicago, and The List Goes On.

One Thing For Me As a Male Model Is That You Always Have To Stay Toned. Constantly Being In The Gym, Making Sure You're Eating A Good Diet (I'm a Vegan), Taking Care of Your Skin (That's You're Money Shot), etc; And It Gets Tough Because Sometimes, I Don't Want To go To The Gym, But It Keeps Me Motivated And Keeps Me Healthy. It's A Lot To Deal With, But It's Definitely Worth It.

Everybody Physical Bodies Work Differently. But I am Definitely Sure That The "Venta Airwasher" Is Something That Will Truly Benefit ANYBODY Who Uses It. Better Sleep, Look So Much Younger, And Better Aromatherapy. How Can You NOT Have One?"


" I'm an enthusiastic "motivational" model. I use my platform to encourage, strengthen, inspire and build confidence through an organization I help run called Lādē; which is a non-profit organization that caters to women and girls.I have been modeling on and off in the Chicago-land area for 13 years participating in all facets of the industry; print, runway, promotional, etc.

As a model, you are expected to be a walking billboard for an industry with some often unbelievable and unheard of standards that are only easily achieved with Photoshop. Natural beauty and physical wellness are both the cornerstone for becoming a fashion model. In order to get within the range of what is expected, natural beauty is priority to keep up with the often stressful events, mental and physical demands of the industry.

The most precious valuable you own is your space and the Venta Airwasher protects that for you by being an air cleaner filtering allergens as well as adding moisture back into your air simultaneously. It provides buffet of beauty benefits, but my favorite is the aroma therapy feature to calm stress which is the number one cause of aging, mental anxiety and weight gain. "



Angel Knight, a Chicago model but a Gary, IN native, home of the JACKSON FIVE. Angel Knight has modeled for top designers as Jermikko (SwapOut Hoodies, Beyoncé lemonade hoodie designer), Teresa Fe-Fe Barrows (Confunction band jackets, Rocc Omari), Hannah's Boutique, Kitty Kouture, and Knotty Loops, to name a few. Angel has appeared in fashion magazines such as Issou, F magazine, CIE magazine, and fashion shows such as Nelly at Black Expo in Indianapolis to throughout Chicago such as the Swissotel and Chicago Fashion Week, Black Fashion Week USA(CHICAGO,HOUSTON,FOX32), Live Out Loud charity fashion shows!

"I believe the beauty in this industry can seem extreme in my case, I am an older model but I look younger, so therefore I get jobs for younger women.  I think that make up is heavily put upon the younger models to have them to appear older to match the garments because they need to look age-appropriate. When you have a more natural look sometimes it might be harder for you to get a job, and that maybe even in your own community because of weave and excessive make up instead of going to an audition with a more natural look and your hair pulled back.

I believe the Venta Airwasher would be a good product because it would help to purify your skin and detoxify your pores and help you have a more healthier environment. I think that it could help every model because we want to look good for pictures and what we breathe is just as important as what we put on our skin and what we eat."



"I am from Donaldsonville, LA, a small town in between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. I never thought I would be a model, but when I was asked to represent a friend's fashion line in their show, I really enjoyed it and launched my career.  I have been on many runways and have done photo shoots from California, to NYC, to Spain.  In 2017, I walked in New York Fashion Week and was named Top Model at Coastal Fashion Week.

The competition and pressure of staying on top of your game is tough.  I have to keep my body straight by going to the gym 5 times a week.  I maintain my locs and keep my skin moisturized with natural products from Africa. It is very important to me that I don't use products with chemicals and unnatural ingredients.

I think the Venta Airwasher it is a great product because it will keep my hair and skin the way I like it.  The benefits of clean air that moisturizes your skin are very important for a model.  We need to keep our skin fresh and young looking, and the Venta Airwasher is the best way to do that."



Journie Bell is a 7-year-old Model, Actress, Dancer, and Child Entrepreneur from Houston, TX. Exuding a bubbly personality Journie made her Acting and Modeling Debut in 2015 at the tender age of 5. In 2017, Journie was inspired by her love for Fashion, Cosmetics, and Jewelry to launch her own company Jewel Box by Journie B; she wanted to use her platform to help inspire others that no matter where you come from, that if you “Just Believe” in yourself, anything is possible.

"In today’s society, hair and makeup is such an important role in the industry and natural beauty is not showcased very often.  We are all held to high standards of what a model is supposed to look like to be accepted. Even as a younger model, we are supposed to fit in this description and wear makeup; when we are supposed to look natural in photos for castings and such, makeup is still applied. As a result of having to wear makeup and having hair done, I have experienced breakouts and damaged hair; something that I should not have to go through at such a young age.

Being someone who has Asthma and Eczema, Humidifiers and clean air are a must to keep moisture in the air to prevent my body from drying out. The Venta Airwasher unique systems ensures that the right amount of moisture is dispersed in the air and will prevent nasty mold and bacteria from growing… That means more beautiful skin, less asthma flare ups, and fewer illnesses. "

**Journie's quotes were paraphrased by one of her adult representatives due to her young age

Given all of these incredible experiences from people at the forefront of society's targets, you would think that most readers would come to the same conclusion we did. Natural beauty is "real beauty." Real beauty is the confidence to embrace the skin that you are in, without all of the enhancements. Although we all use them when we want to look superb. I myself have chesters full of makeup, hair products, hair extensions, weight loss supplements and skin care treatments. But, that doesn't change my recognition of the fact that I am beautiful with or without those things. I make sure to care for myself so that when I don't have the time or energy to look like I'm going to a red carpet event, I can find confidence in just rocking a 'fro, some sweats and my bare skin. The Venta Airwasher has contributed even more to this confidence as it effortlessly helps benefit my skin, my wellness and my sanity LOL. Make sure to check out Venta's Facebook linked here for more information.


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