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Hi you guys! its ya girl J*P* and i come baring an update. i apologize sincerely.  i have been very busy job hunting and working hard in school and community service. I have some great posts coming! now i have a hair update   I AM very proud to say that i am full mbl (mid back length) i am hoping to be grazing waist length by my 2 yr hairaversary on december 28 2012! i will probably not post until early january though. I have been taking Hair Skin Nails vitamins by Spring Valley for the past 4 months however they have caused me to gain alot of weight. Therefore i will be switching back to Spring Valley 5000 mcg Biotin once this bottle runs out. Other than that i have the same regimen. I have been doing alot of wash n gos since my hair has gained a lot of length. also i do curly buns/ponytails atleast twice a wk as a protective style. i feel that i am going to reach my ultimate goal (tailbone length) much sooner than expected. i originally gave myself until 2015 however i am very s