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TAG: 4 for 5

Hey you guys :), Its ya girl J*P* and im coming at you with a tag. yay! my friend sent me an email to do this tag so im going to post it on my blog. So, its called '4 for 5' and its where you talk about 4 things you dislike about yourself and 5 things you do like. I'll start with my dislikes: 1) I hate my face shape! Its like slightly unsymmetrical because one side curves out slightly more then the other. ugh! 2)My eyebrows are too long. 3)My hands are kinda chubby and I think that is not cute at all. 4)I gain and lose weight unexpectedly. I can never stay at the exact same weight for more then 2 weeks and it really urks me! Ok so now fore my likes :) 1)I love my skin color. I think the brown is a really nice coffee, mocha kinda feel. Not too light or dark for me. 2)I like my height. I'm 5'5 so I'm considered avrg height. 3)I love my creativity because y me having a very road imagination, I'm more open minded which can always come in handy. 4)I

Your Questions Answered... :)

Hey you guys! This is ya girl Josh* Paramore* and I'm here with some answers to some questions I've gotten lately. I hope the askers are reading this :) 1) How young is too young to start wearing heels? Well, I believe I was 12 when I started with my first pair. However, they weren't tall or skinny heels. They were barely over 1 1/2 inches and they were on the thicker side. I think that you should be atleast 14 before you start wearing the skinny heels. And if you do wear the skinny heels then they shouldn't be over 2 3/4 inches. That's my personal opinion. I say this because the higher the heel, the older you appear. And, aging yourself is never cute. It makes you seem like you're trying too hard. 2) How young is too young to start wearing cosmetics? This is always a complicated subject because it depens on what type of cosmetic you are talking about. I myself couldn't even wear tinted lipgloss until I was 14. And, it wasn't even colored lipglos

This Just In!

  Hey you guys! Its your girl Josh* Paramore* coming at you with some hot new trends :) But first, I would like to appologize for my long absence. I've been busy researching for you guys. But, I'm back now so we're good.   Mixmatching prints and solids has definitely become a HUGE thing for Spring. Alot of designers put soft animal prints and pair it with bold colors. For example, I believe it was Versace who paires faded tiger print with a bright pink. It was verryy cool.   However, I know that not everyone is into a lot of pattern and print so I've found a more subtle adaptation. Instead of having print pants or a top, you can do a print shoe. A nice yellow sun dress would be killer with some gold polka dot flats. Ya see, some trends you have to change or tweak in order to make it fit your style. That's what makes you the individual. That's what makes you bold!   So, give it some thought when searching for those new Spring wardrobe peices. Thanks for rea

Spring is Coming and We're Gonna Be Ready

HEY YOU GUYS!!!     This is my 1st post yay! Sorry about   not posting sooner, I've just been very busy. Okay, so today's topic is SPRING! It's right around the corner and it's time to start stocking up on some good deals.     Now, alot of colors that are "in" for spring are pastels like yellow and coral pink and periwinkle. However, you can dress these colors up with bold colors as well like magenta. A nice yellow with a magenta can seriously make a statement. It says "I'm wild enough to mix these colors but smart enough to make them work". Keep in mind that you can't always mix a bold color with a ''seasonal'' color only because sometimes it won't set /lay/ mix right. For instance, you can't really mix a lime (bold color) with a maroon (seasonal color).      For all you fashionistas who love the classic looks, here's a tip. WHITE is a GREAT  base color for a spring outfit. Mixing that with bold, colorful ac