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How You Can Contribute To The Fresh Faces Project

2016's Headliner Photo:   Hi there! If you are reading this, then likely you are interested in supporting my cause. Thank you, I deeply appreciate that. This page gives you just a few options of how you can contribute to The Fresh Faces Project. You can purchase my book for $2.50 at the link below, give a monetary donation of your choice, or you can opt to work with me at the link below. All funds go towards the advancement of the campaign. What is the Fresh Faces Project? The Fresh Faces Project is a not for profit campaign that seeks to give back to and unify the creative community. Using my connections in the creative industry, predominently in fashion, I have been able to provide free exposure and promotion for many aspiring talents and entrepreneurs. Many of which choose to opt for a social media spread and spotlight article on my platform, yet some simply come to me for career guidance and advice. Thankfully, I can say that I have had the honor of helping many b

Press On My Brand!

TV HOST, PUBLISHED WRITER AND FOUNDER OF THE FRESH FACES PROJECT Article Naming Me Lady Boss 2016:  Click Me! Being Awarded Poze Productions Partner:  Click Me! My Episode On The Brandee and Kristy Show in California:  Watch Me! My Interview On Boiled Words Click Me! Watch Me Work As A TV Host:  Click Me! Read My Book:  Click Me! Check Me Out on All My Friends Are Models:  Read Me! Check Me Out on LinkedIn:  Click Me! Fresh Faces Project: Click Me!

Politics of Girl World: Why Are Lighter Skinned Women So Much Better Than Darker Skinned Women?

Hey you guys, Right now I had to log on to my computer and vent to you all about some things that trouble me about society's standards of beauty and the colorism so prevelant in ethnic culture. This whole idea of why light skinned women are typically viewed as superior in most ethnic cultures was provoked by a conversation that I was having with a black male shortly before. His argument was that lighter skinned women just seem more exotic, more beautiful, more feminine and more submissive to their men. Thus, it would be obvious why many cultures hold them to such high standards. How did I feel? Enraged. Yet, I could completely understand where he was coming from. Pump your breaks before you call me a self hating coon, as a brown skinned woman myself. I understand why he felt the way that he did due to the fact that this cycle of skin tone preference has been coexisting amongst us minorities for a very long time. Sadly, the lighter skinned women were historically made to feel su

The Updates On Mark Schwartz With Merchandise Sale!

What's up guys?! Thanks again for reading. Here we have the latest updates with Fresh Faces Partner, Mark Schwartz! As usual, if you aren't familiar with who he is already then I'm gonna need you guys to please check out the links below to get a better idea. In short, he is a celebrity fashion designer with a shoe specialty who has worked for a long list of A list clients, as well as a stunning visual artist who worked alongside Andy Worhol! He has decades of experience and is more than qualified as an industry vet! Just a summation of the aforementioned endeavours, he is offering fashion design workshops in both Italy and the U.S., he has started a new trend of fashionable yet fun car wrap design,  he is launching a Cruise/Resort shoewear line for 2017, he was recently featured on the hit online fashion publication All My Friends Are Models and he is also seeking bloggers and social media influencers to work with! Check out the links below for more info on that as well

Fresh Face: Jordan Abernathy

Hi guys! Thanks again for reading. I had to come tell you guys about this awesome male model that is making moves in teh fashion industry! If you don't already know him, he's Jordan Abernathy. With piercing green-blue eyes, awesome wavy hair and great skin, he's ashooin' to be the next big thing in the fashion world.  Jordan was born in Houston, Texas to an American father and Colombian mother. Having spent his childhood years in both The States and South America he encompasses the best of both worlds. From early on he knew he had a calling to become an entertainer of sorts, with dreams of being a writer, actor, model, and one day a film director. In July of 2016, he decided it was time to stop tip toeing around his dreams and attack them head on at full force. After making that decision, it only took him two months to walk in New York Fashion Week, and four months to be featured on the cover of a magazine. Jordan Abernathy is a young man who decided very early on w

Meet Sarah Figueroa AKA ChiChi

Hi guys! Thanks again for reading. Today, I present you with one of the most firey curve models that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her name is Sarah Figueroa aka ChiChi! She's a brown eyed, tan skinned bombshell who wants to conquer the world of curve modeling. She has impeccable drive and is not letting anybody take her vibes or her shine. She was born in Brooklyn, New York and is 100% Boricua. Even at the age of ten years old, she was known to be outspoken and vibrant in personality. She always voiced her opinion and made sure that she came correct. **snaps**  Her sassy ways however do not conflict with her kind heart and caring attitude. She is a humanitarian  and a civil rights activist with United Third Bridge where serves on the Board of Directors. In 2015, she began to host Outline Talk Show with Jae Monique. The show started on Blogtalkradio and quickly was syndicated by Armed Radio Global. With such wild fire fame, it was picked up by majot statio

Meet The Artist Behind The Handprints and Circles: Teresa Fe-fe Barrow

Hi guys! Today, I am bringing you guys a spotlight feature on one of Chicago's hottest celebrity fashion designers. You've seen her face before on my blog but this time, you're gonna get the details behind the fabulous work of Miss Teresa Fe Fe. Can we get a round of applause? Here's her story.       Teresa Fe-Fe Barrow is the power behind Teresa Fe-Fe Designs (formerly Exquisite Taste of Art). Ms. Fe-Fe created unique designs that included hand painted jackets, purses, hats, shoes and wall art. Her artistry has landed her  numerous international opportunities such as being featured in magazines, videos, plays and runway shows. Ms. Fe-Fe is also one of the Designers for Glenn Jones, Mike Epps, , Lakeside and Con Funk Shun with the lead singer and bass player being her Celebrity Brand Ambassadors. She has positioned herself with being highly sought after by many performers for unique costumes. One of her main accomplishments is opening her own Art and Fashion Design

The Coolest Retro Movie Theatre Ever!! Bensenville Movie Theatre

Hi guys! Thanks for reading! Last night, my star intern-assistant Shay James and I were able to have such a fantastic night at one of the best movie theatres we've ever been to. Chances are, you may not have heard of them because they are a small theatre. Yet, that did not hinder them from showing us a great time. The place is located in a quaint little town called Bensenville and serves as a retro style sundae shop and cinema. The decor certainly gave us some true vintage vibes, Grease maybe? The idea of having only two cinema showrooms is genius because you can avoid the hustle and bustle of the large crowds that Shay and I are accustomed to in the city. It was very intimate and well kept. Might I also add that the staff was so sweet and made sure to cater to us, even though we were a little ignorant to their policies. The public prices are beyond belief due to affordability. On top of that, they are offering an even more discounted rate to the ppuclic through the Groupon lin