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i wanna kno wat you have to say!

hey guys, i want to kno wat u hav to say. tell me erything u wanna kno. and send me requests of topics to blog about or just questions you have n general. send them to either or just post it n the comment box :) thx. sincerest, Thee Josh* Paramore*

youtube gurus

hey you guys!!!! wats up divas and dudes :) its thee josh paramore comin at you with anutha post. FINALLY!!! its bn soo long and i truly appologize. i wanted to list sum youtube gurus who truly just exceed expectations. they are nunaavane dulcecandy87 beautychaoticlive muffinismylovers plussizekimonica these gurus are awesome and i truly bliev u shud check them out. also check out taneshasadvice. she can b helpful sumtyms :) thx, rock & roll Thee Josh* Paramore*