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Updates From Fresh Face, Taran Knight!

We got a chance to sit down with Fresh Face, Taran Knight and get some updates about what he's been up to lately ;-) Here's the breakdown of what we discussed: He is shifting from a fashion model to a fashion artist, looking to expand his horizons in the industry to cover more ground with various projects that he has. He uses music to support passion of the arts, provides a different connection to the arts than fashion. He's a passionate activist looking to stir a change in the unrealistic standards of beauty that are the in the modeling industry across both sexes, such as overarching height standards, weight standards, discrimination against black models etc. He's looking to financially invest in the expansion of his brand as a whole, spoke about spending all his savings on trip to Canada to model in CA fashion week and using his surplus to reinvest back into his businesses, so he does not work for free. He is producing large fashion panel event for mo