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Fresh Face of the Month: Mikaela Brown

Greetings! As a preface, Fresh Face of the Month is my new series on this blog to allow other artists more exposure! This is a cross between a shout out and a profile. To be featured as a Fresh Face, simply leave a comment underneath this post with a link to your social media and an email address for reference. You may also contact me at with "Fresh Face" in the subject line. This month's Fresh Face is Mikaela Brown ! She is a one of a kind biracial beauty. As an aspiring model and honors graduate, she has the entire package: looks, smarts and personality. Standing at 5'9 with a slim but curvy size 4 figure, she is a unique yet appealing addition to the fashion beauty industry! Having impressive editorial experience, she knows a thing or two about how to work a photo. To see more of her, follow her on her at ! You can also contact her with business inquiries at you.

Confessions From A Community Service Junkie

Greetings,     My name is Calynn M. Lawrence. I aspire to be a fashion beauty specialist. I work myself into the ground in order to accomplish my goals in life: success, prestige, honor, happiness. Besides these, I do believe that you must also help those who can not help themselves because building personal relationships amongst friends, family and loved ones is far more important. This is a realization that everyone must come to in order to enjoy their accomplishments.     When given the challenge by Nordstrom to give back to my community, I was overjoyed. I love a challenge. I knew that I had to do something outside of my normal volunteer work to really prove myself. I had to do something BIG, something that would hopefully impact the lives of many. So, I thought and I planned and I finally came to the epiphany that I should do a good deed for the Special Needs and Mentally Impaired at my high school. I organized a fashion show for the Special Ed department.       When I propo