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Josh Paramore the Great....WELCOME TO GERRY'S MAZE!

Welcome to Gerry’s Maze! This labyrinth of lyrics lead readers down the paths that point to him. While most aren’t able to even uncover his identity, despite Gerry being his real name, the journey through these four poems hold the keys to revealing one of the greatest of all time. I myself have been trapped for seemingly endless time, so I thought the moment had come where I ought to share this with you all. I challenge you to use the implications of this to figure out "who is Gerry?" Best of wishes through this maze. Hopefully you’ll be of the few to come to knowledge of him.   - Josh Paramore the Great M.U.L.A.N. (the Man Unveiled Lives At Night)   The man unveiled lives at night, Gerry His addiction to the dark, nocturnal life, scary His talents grow, creation sparks from the moonlight, glarey 16 hours straight for his art, he’s determined to get it right, very Ever wonder how a stranger could steal your heart so tight, then get asked “why do you