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Pearls For Girls

Hi guys! I hope you all are well and thank you so much for reading. Today, I have a blog post that is so long overdue. Thank you to Miss Barbara Ellzey for providing me the information on this lovely organization, Pearls For Girls. This is actually a subsidiary of the REACH Leadership Program for Girls.  REACH Leadership Program for Girls is a nonprofit organization that inspires all girls to excel academically, reach for their dreams, and to make positive life choices. This extension works to provide incentive an reward for academic excellence to young girls. As you know, I stand behind movements such as this because I truly do believe in girl power. There is so much potential in the female youth today that organizations like this should be incredibly commended. Just watching the video below is enough to move anybody to want to make a difference. Take 10 minutes of your time and check it out, to see how impactful a little push can be for young ladies today. For more information on P

ELEVATED Curves Pink Carpet Fashion Show

Hi guys!  I hope you are well! Thanks again for reading :) This post is to show case some of the awesome designd from the fashion show that I attended last week. Thank you so much to Nathalie Hill for allowing me to blog. Congratulations on a Sold OUT fashion show! And, thank you to the designers who gave me free gifts including keychains, jewelry, bags etc. Check out the photos below! Nathalie Hill Designs. Owner and CEO of Style Elevation Fashion Galleria and ELEVATED Curves Fashion Show Website Jamaal Hill of Rich Soul Apparel 803 Jeans by Glow Williams  My Beautiful Fluff By Brittney Washington  Tila Brand by Tiny has denim and flora pieces Prana maker by Natalie Marie has hand painted wraps Lauren Leone Designs by Annette Johnson color block designs Geosuff by SHERVON Coleman has the red scarf bags with jackets and hats and one girl with a white tshirt WORK WITH ME!   Click!   CONTRIB

Feed The Machine: Nickelback and Daughtry Rocked My World After A Decade of Fandom

Hi guys! I just don't even know what to say right now. I am so overjoyed writing this blog post just thinking about how amazing my experience was finally getting to see my two favorite country rock bands since I was a preteen perform live and in color last week! Having the priviledge of blogging their performance was beyond epic, beyond cinematic, beyond anything I can even fathom. You just would've had to be there...they were just that awesome. Thank you so much to both Nickelback and Daughtry for bringing to life the vision of you I had in my head for a decade of fandom, and allowing me to blog the experience! To give you an idea of just how badly I wanted to blog this concert, my play sister Ari and I drove 3 and a half hours to Indiana from Chicago, stayed in a super crappy motel, rocked out at the concert from 6 PM to 1 AM, got lost trying to grab food, returned to our crappy motel and slept for a couple hours then were right back on the road at 5 AM to return to our n

Two BFWUSA Designers Share Their Stories

Brick Malone Brick Malone is a custom and ready to wear designer brand based in Chicago, Illinois. Brick Malone caters to the confident woman, which represents the brands dedicating to personal service, custom fit, beautiful fashion and a spectacular look with a style that will complement her character and personality. Inspiration: I love looking at buildings and getting ideas from that.  Color also plays a big part in my design process.. Favorite Thing About Fashion Industry: No day is ever the same. Two individuals can interpret the same thing in different ways. One Thing You Would Change About The Fashion Industry: I think there should be a more diverse and versatile industry that represents the real people of the world who actually buys today's fashion. People like to see themselves in what the fashion industry presents to the public. Goals: I want to see Brick Malone to be available in boutiques around the country.  I also want to do my share of reducing my