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Texturizer/Texlax VS Relaxed Hair

Hey you guys! Its ya girl J*P* comin at u with a new post. This is a post about texturized/texlaxed vs relaxed hair. I personally have had both. It is your descision as to which one you choose. I am just here to give the facts. TEXTURIZER/TEXLAX: a conditioning treatment that allows the hair to become more manageable -without straightening it -with a small amount of chemical curl/ wave definition small amount of chemical leaves the hair with more elasticity than a relaxer barely loosens the curl pattern somewhat easier to manage hair afterwards more expensive than relaxers does not leave the hair as dry and brittle as a relaxer good for people who like texture and versatility looks natural RELAXER: a harsher chemical treatment that makes hair very manageable and thins the strands straightens hair leaves hair much more manageable easier to take care of easier to apply other hair products good for people who like straight hair cuts blowdry and flat ironing time in

Weekly Word: @nikhaule!: The Tribal Fashionista

Hey you guys! Its ya girl J*P* with a new weekly word starring Nikki M :)     What are 3 words to describe your style? Fun, Chill, Random Would you rather have quality or quantity of clothes? Quality because I feel that you can wear the same piece multiple times but still rock it out a different way with each outfit. Who is your favorite designer and why? Josh* Paramore* because of her wild colors and patterns yet chic edge. What is your favorite part of this site? The fact that it speaks on issues that teen girls face such as racism with their own race and pressures from the media. What would you do if you were given $5000 but had to spend it on a fashion related object? I would purchase a lot of moccasins, snap backs, faded skinnies, vests and jewelry because thats who I am. What is your most valued clothing item? My sunglasses because they are very sexy and they are very individual due to tghe style and shape. Its basically my trademark. Its been real, Josh