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#whoiscAe (PLL x Fairytalefacebycalynn Part1)

Hi guys! Thank you so much for tuning in for my very special collaboration with Pretty Little Liars. This is the very first part of three segments that will be shared on my blog. This segment is the interactive portion #whoiscAe. If you enjoy the search for the identity of the vigilante character, A, then you will enjoy participating in this supersized brainteaser. First, allow me to explain the objective of the game and how to play. OBJECTIVE: Read the short narrative below. Using the clues located within the text, you are trying to figure out  the identity of the mystery character, Cae. Note that this is not a part of the actual Pretty Little Liars plot line, it is simply for fun engagement! One week after the return of Pretty Little Liars, January 19th, a winner WITH THE MOST CORRECT ANSWERS will be chosen from the comments and will receive an array of prizes listed/pictured below and a blog post will be made announcing them and the correct answers(this is Part 3 of the colla