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My Big Sister Found Her Prince Charming And We Love Him! #Waiting2BeWeaver

Hey guys! Thanks so much for tuning in. I must say that this blog post is a very special one that I am dedicating to my older sister, Candyss, and my new brother, Rob. This past weekend we all flew to Atlanta to join and participate in their wedding ceremony. As usual, visiting our big sister was filled with good food, fun laughs and tons of memories. However, this was one of the greatest times we have ever had. How grateful we are to say that she has met her Prince Charming and he has claimed his Cinderella. A hard working career woman, Candyss has always been about advancing herself and making progress in whatever field she worked in. She's a #GirlBoss ! Must run in the family ;) Now, she can add many more titles to her resume other than career woman, daughter and big sister. She is now a wife and step mother to a lovely young lady. After having met at their congregation while doing volunteer work, she and Rob quickly fell head over heels in live and now they are hitched! Wha

Fresh Face Interview: Tnahpele!

Tnahpele is a Chicago freelance male vocalist and recording artist. Tnahpele can be seen mostly on the wedding and corporate event scene mostly. Tnahpele has roots in the church and in artistic poetic Chicago scene.  Describe what you are currently working to acheive in the music industry. Currently Tnahpele is just working on promoting his current and debut EP "Potential Beauty" Preforming several of his songs off the EP at various functions and events. I'm networking as much as possible to get the word out on the potential beauty project.  How did you get started and what made you pursue music?  I have my roots of singing in church and my roots of writing with poetry. I worked a lot of poetry scenes in working for After School Matters in their performance poetry program. Singing on the wedding and corporate event circuit was spun from a connection through the church. I've always wanted to do my own musical collection to be proud of. Onc