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A Review of Rossario George’s Cosmetics   I have been blessed to collaborate with Tony Vincente of Rossario George on a few occasions, with him donating to The Fresh Faces Project , as well as my show Chicago Talent . Beyond his endearing personality, he is a fierce force to be reckoned with when it comes to Fashion and Beauty. As a publicist-editor who has worked in fashion and beauty for almost a decade, my whole career, I can honestly say that he is one of the best entrepreneurs in the business that I’ve ever worked with. As an overall Lifestyle Brand, he rocks the world, but I must say that his lip products take the cake. Can you say “edges snatched?” If not, you’d better learn. These products are so good that I’d even go so far as to say they’re comparable to Kylie Cosmetics. You know, the ones that earned her a billion dollar fortune? Yeah, it’s that real! I was gifted the Matte Lipstick Pencil in Plum (06) along with a Matte Liquid Lipstick in Wine (06) . A

LA Fashion Week 2018

Greetings! Thank you for reading! I need to tell you guys about the super memorable time that I had at LA Fashion Week 2018, alongside Shay James.   I have to give a huge thank you to The Society Fashion Week for allowing us to attend and enjoy! As you have seen from multiple of my other blogs attending their shows, I am always more than satisfied because they know how to entertain! I don't think I have ever been to a fashion show where it is as inviting and all inclusive. From the fact that there are models of all colors, sizes, genders and ages to the fact that they always allow designers of all fashion genres to present! It's always a good mix! In LA this year, they had some rockin' neon streetwear that was sported by males and females, formal wear with a nightlife twist and fairytale fantasy gowns. Talk about covering all bases! I love seeing other creatives succeed and I know that The Society has helped so many underrepresented designers , models and performers

New York Fashion Week 2018!

Hi guys! I hope you all are doing amazing! Let's discuss my experience at New York Fashion Week for the second time with Shay James :) I was honored to attend the haute couture shows at Couture Fashion Week , as well as the contemporary shows through The Society Fashion Week ! I must say that they both had some very jaw dropping pieces. I did get to meet a couple of the staff at The Walk Fashion Show , but due to some delays in their schedule I was not able to stick around for when the actual fashion presentation started. However, I saw some pictures on Instagram and saw that they did a good job! Thank you to everybody for the invitations nonetheless. To see more, please follow Couture Fashion Week and The Society Fashion Week on Instagram! COUTURE FASHION WEEK Full of glitz and glam, I quite enjoyed this show. I feel that they had a great variety of things from evening wear to casual wear. The thing that I particularly love about them is that every year they make sure t

Paris Fashion Week 2018

Greetings! I am coming to you all with the blog post of a lifetime! I spent a week out of the country for the first time and got to experience a career changing opportunity as a fashion publicist-editor! I WAS INVITED TO ATTEND PARIS FASHION WEEK as a VIP Media Guest alongside my play sister  Nikhaule Martin ! While I quite enjoy attending LA Fashion Week, Chicago Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week every year, this was truly life changing and very honoring as someone who has loved fashion for over a decade. Paris Fashion Week is about as high as you can go in the fashion industry and I was blessed to be a small part. A huge thank you to all of the shows who invited us, but specifically Tiffany's Fashion Week.  They accomodated us with VIP seating and complimentary beverages which were DELICIOUS to say the least. The plane ride was super long and exhausting, especially with limited room due to us buying budget seats and having to connect. But, that's about the only compl

Latino Fashion Week 2018

Hi guys! I hope you all are doing great! Thanks for reading . Today, I want to talk to you all about the ASTONISHING Finale Show that was presented by Latino Fashion Week 2018. I can not tell you enough that they went above and beyond. With this being my third year in attendance, I can truly say that they've done nothing but improve year over year. A Huge Thank you to them for allowing me to attend alongside Miss Lovely Arielle! I don't even know where to begin. Let's talk about the amount of diversity they had amongst the models. I loved it! I saw models ranging practically from the palest of white to the darkest of black, and of course many shades of Morenito in between. Also, I noticed that there was a nice range of body shapes which was appreciated. I feel that this diversity only added to the way that the variety of clothing styles were presented. I got a chance to see so many visually intriguing pieces from midieval inspired pantsuits and bright pink tassled go

Chicago Fashion Week 2018

Hi guys! I hope you all are doing quite well! I know it has been a while but I'm coming at you guys with some LONG overdue blog posts from my experiences that I was blessed with this year. The first is my experience at Chicago Fashion Week , hosted by Fashion Bar Chicago . As you saw last year, they really know how to put on a great show! This year, I was just as wowed. A  HUGE thank you to Caitlin Nero, PR, and Tony Long, the CEO, for allowing me to attend. The designs were out of this world, literally, and I can not express their beauty in words. Themes of purity and softness like that of a dove being juxtaposed with dashing brash colors and spikes, embellishment and edge. One gown was mermaid cut in a crimson red fabric with feathered horns on the headpiece and a mesh train a mile long. Another was made of sheer white fabric with gatherings made to look like muted roses and flowy sleeves draping the ground as if it was a true queen wearing it. It was a sight to see. It is so