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Special Fresh Faces Collaboration: All My Friends Are Models

Hi guys! I hope all is well! Thanks again for reading. Today, I am coming at you guys with a special collaboration for the Fresh Faces Project, All My Friends Are Models. This company has helped me so much throughout the year plus that I have been collabing with them. I felt that you all should certainly be informed about such an awesome movement! Right now, All My Friends Are Models serves as one of my most consistent clients of all time, in the 5 plus years that I have been blogging. I am proud to say that I have the ability of holding a title as one of their journalists and I hope to continue this relationship far into my career. So, you might ask, "What is this company? What do they do?" Well, as stated by their website, Here is a small excerpt of their mission: " Giving the models a voice and teaching our readers not to feel intimidated by their lives, or the false ideas that surround them.  Looking beyond the glamorous fashion fa├žade, we are focusing on the d

Black Fashion Week USA Pop Up Shop and Fashion Show!

Hi guys! I hope you're doing great! I am here to let you know about the absolutely fabulous time that I had at Black Fashion Week USA's pop up shop and fashion show! I had the honor of attending as press and covering the on camera interviews of all of the vendors that were present, those will be surfacing on the Black Fashion Week USA social medai very soon. So, be sure to foollow them so that you can stay updated! So, there goes a huge thank you to Miss Melody Boykin, the CEO, and Miss Felica Apprey who invited me. Where do I start? The fashion was flawless. The outfit that I was gifted was desined by none other than Miss Jazell Smith of Blklst, who was just on The Africa International House television show which will be linked below as well as my previous blog spot about her. So, thank you to her as well! All of the vendors shared such lovely attitudes and I enjoyed getting to interview each and every one of them! It is certainly inspiring to me that I was able to connect

Fresh Faces Project: Abdullah Quick

Hi Guys! Today I am coming at you with a Fresh Faces participant, Mr. Abdullah Quick. He was referred to me by my little sister, Camrynn, who is also soon to be featured. Let me send a thank you out to Abdullah for being featured as a part of our movement! Here's his story: Abdullah Quick is a young, successful freelance graphioc designer and instructor! His achievements in the industry are many, scoring huge clients such as AfterSchool Matters and Chjicago Public Schools. He started as a child with a heavy interest in the arts which later led to him having an advanced apprenticeship at After School Matters, which he held for three years. From this he gained fundamental understanding of the craft and began to grow in his own brand. After a fruitful three year run, he was promoted to being an Assistant Instructor for After School Matters in their Graphic Design program which he did for a couple of years. Following that, he was able to compose a booming business in freelance grap