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"Labyrinth" The Release of My Limited Edition Satin Lipstick

Hi guys! Thank you so much for reading todays post! It is greatly appreciated. I am going to keep it short and sweet because you are here for one thing, the release of my first cosmetic item, "Labyrinth." This is a new take on a solid blood red shade that should suit a variety of skin tones. Here's a list of bullet points and visuals to show you what it's all about. Hope you enjoy :) Satin matte finish Long lasting wear Water resistant (watch video) Great pigmentation Affordable ($3) All those who purchase multiples get a free bonus gift: two candles, a travel sized cherry blossom bubble bath/shower gel or a miniature 16 color eyeshadow palette. Just make sure to include which one you want in your buyer message Labyrinth on myself:  Labyrinth swatches: Labyrinth in hot water: **DISCLAIMER: All profits are going towards the advancement of The Fresh Faces Project. **DISCLAIMER: Although product is marked as "limited edi


Greetings! We're so sorry that you attempted a purchase and that it was not completed. We are currently sold out of the item that you are trying to buy. If you would like us to restock, please comment below which item you are trying to get. Depending on the response for that item, we will decide restock. Thank you! :) Love, Cay and Shay

The Real Deal With Miss Sandra Smith - Doghmi

Hello all! Thanks again for reading! I truly do appreciate it. With a post as moving as today's, it is very beneficial that you tuned in. Miss Sandra Smith - Doghmi, a well established #girlboss with a host of impressive accomplishments, has allowed me to interview her. I am honored. In case you aren't familiar with her, here's a little bit of her backstory : "Sandra Smith-Doghmi has been an entrepreneur most of her life.  Her passion is helping others to realize that they too can become successful by taking that first step that she suggests for them." Now, let's get to the questions so that we may all benefit from the wise replies ;-) What is your mission in your life? Secularly and philosophically? I think secularly by realizing if we don’t reach out, we will continue to struggle and philosophically by building a great deal of tenacity through values of leadership by keeping God first, then spouse, children, family, career, etc.  It is only by

The News With Mark Schwartz

Hi Guys! I hope all is well with you guys! Thanks so much for reading. It's about that time for the news update with celebrity fashion designer, Mark Schwartz. If you are not familiar with him by now, then you must know that he is someone of importance in the fashion industry, having rocked it out amongst the greatest for decades. This week he has no major updates as he is just catching up from a very busy holiday. However, he wants to thoroughly thank all of those who have supported his business in reading his updates, purchasing from his site and attending his classes. His fans are very special to him! Because of you all, he has had a great success with all of his new business ventures that have been discussed in the past few blog posts. Well wishes from him and his team<3  Check out the links below for more info on Mark Schwartz! Website LinkedIn Feature on AMFAM AMFAM Be Taught By Mark! Class Blogs About Him: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Last Guest Blog About Mark : Sh

Fresh Face: Amy's Undies

Hi guys! Today I am coming to you with a Fresh Face that really spoke to me as a curvy woman. She is the CEO of Amy's Undies. Because she had a lot to say, I felt it to be a good idea that she have her entire dialog presented. Here's what she had to say!   "Hi, my name is Amy Jones, I’m 34 and born and raised in St. Louis, MO. I am the Founder of Amy’s Undies. My intention is to evolve the women’s sizing system to address the main areas of fit problems. To start off I am going to be providing underwear that fit all sizes of behinds. A little background to how I got here: I decided at the beginning of the year that I needed a revamp of my underwear drawer because there was alot of just Hanes bikini in there. If I bought my “size”, every time I walked or sat down I would get a wedgie, we won’t take up what happens if I go to the gym. If I went up a size I was walking around with a lot of fabric that feels like you are wear a lose balloon. Well $500 dollars and