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Latino Fashion Week Recap!

Hi guys! I hope you guys are doing well! I just came to briefly share my experience attending Latino Fashion Week 2017 on their finale night with my play-sis and assistant, Mikaela! As was last year, it was JAW DROPPING! The concept of the designers' collections were very eye catching. From "sultry meets gothica" to "Hollywood meets Harvey" to "Princess meets Punk" , they were all so interesting. I particularly appreciated how the garment construction was so innovative! The cuts, patterns and shapes brought such a visual LIFE to the clothing! Not to mention the very saturated color themes of crimson, canary yellow and pops of sky blue juxtaposed against all black! That was genius. Host a sharp contrast of outfits with 0 in between, talk about keeping my attention ;-) I am so glad that I was able to enjoy the show yet again for their Grand Finale evening. Hopefully, I will be able to attend many more years to come. Thank you Latino Fashion Week!

My Second Season As a Cable TV Host!

Hi guys! I hope you guys are doing awesome! I have officially finished my second season as a TV Host for CAN TV's "Africa International House" show. This was quite an experience. How glad I am to say that I have two years of being a Cable TV Host under my belt. A huge thank you goes out to the coordinating producer, Miss Felicia! Me and her have worked together for quite some time on several projects and she is truly awesome. Thank you to all of the guests who came out and made an appearance, you guys are what keeps the viewers engaged! And, thank you to CAN TV and Africa International House for creating the show and giving us an outlet to broadcast so many important issues within the black community including BOB businesses, artistry, culture, job opportunities and many more! Click the link below to watch the entire second season! Also, I have linked my blog post on the first season if you are interested to learn how I got started and see some of those episodes as well

Fresh Face: G Simone

5 MINUTES WITH G SIMONE An O.G. #GirlBoss In The Entertainment Industry By Calynn M Lawrence Have you ever met someone that was cool beyond their age? Someone that spoke such truths and packed such a punch that you could not help but admire them? I have. That’s Miss G Simone. She’s every bit of awesome with a slither of street and somehow that comes together as the fabulousness that is her persona. This article is just a quick 5 minute interview that I had with her. Who are you? GSimone is a music industry maven, who’s career has roots stemming back to the nineties. I have released many well received projects such as my songs “I Know, You Know” and “Music For The 90’s.” My EP, “My Music, Your Conversation”, revealed a sultry and melodic sound that is quintessential old school R&B. Today  I reimagine my musical vision through Hip Hop / EDM on my new single “Queen From the Ghetto.” This track is far more than sonically pleasing, it has a message. “Queen Fro