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1 year 1 month HAIRAVERSARY!

hi guys! its ya girl J*P* comin at u with a very pleasant post! its my 13 month hairaversary :) im so happy to present. ive come along way. from thin fragile dry grazing shoulder length hair to thick lush soft healthy bra strap length hair :) id like to thank: ulovemegz kissseventyseven shorty2sweet59 taleshasadvice plussizekimonica nguerriero19 AFRICANEXPORT andreaschoice thesocialitelife dulcecandy87 BeautyChaoticLive BuildableBeauty fgrogan da1nonlymixedqt They are the ones who truly helped me along this hair journey that is far from done! search them when you get a chance. For deets on how i did it, check out my hair regimen posts. here are the pix:) luv ya! its been real! Thee Josh* Paramore*

Kim Kardashian inspired OOTD

Hey guys! Its ya girl J*P* comin at you with a celebrity inspired OOTD :) Kim Kardashian was spotted rocking a black leather blazer, blue skinnies, a white tank and studded rocker booties (check my previous post). I felt inspired to create my own ersion with a touch of my own personal style. Hope you like :D faux leather Max Azira jacket (walmart)- $35 cheetah rint tank(discovery)- $10 black glitter studded belt(discovery)-$10 blue skinnies(pac sun)-$44.80                                                                                      tall black airwalk combat boots (payless)-$40                                                                                      assorted buttons (michaels)-$5 Lotsa luv! Thee Josh Paramore

OOTD Insiration!

hi guys! just wanna show you my latest inspiration for an ootd! luv much, J*P*


hi guys! its ya girl J*P* comin at u with a post :) i hoe u guys enjoyed ur vacations. but this post is gonna be about skin care. Many of u wantd ta kno my skin care regimen. here it is :) FACE: daily wash with my personal bar soap exfoliating wash with Neutrogena Rapid Clear twice a week moisturizing facial masque as needed daily tinted moisturizer application BODY: daily wash with White Rain Citrus bodywash exfoliating wash with SugarCane body Scrub weekly allover lotion application daily seal lotion with baby oil daily all over body mist daily shave once a week with single blade razor soak in bubble bath with bath beads as needed bronzer/lotion mix daily RESULTS :  a healthy glow :) peace out! Thee Josh* Paramore*