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Living My Best Life Tour: The Jonas Brother's Reunion Tour 2019

I waited over 12 years for this day. As an avid Jonas Brothers fan, stemming back to my days in junior high school, I was beyond stoked to hear that not only were they reuniting but that they were going on tour! Faster than a speeding bullet, I SNATCHED the concert tickets the day that they went on sale and that was honestly some of the best money I've ever spent. Alongside my play sister, Nik, who's been with me at many events, we had the ultimate fangirl experience. Sitting there in the United Center seeing one of my favorite boybands of my youth in the flesh ROCKING OUT to some of the many hits that I'd blasted throughout my teen years was epic! The countless posters, CDs, and merch that I had as a kid could NEVER amount to what it was like seeing them perform live. Even seeing their televised concert with Demi Lovato at the movie theater when I was 13ish could not hold the smallest candle to this flame. "Shook" is the best way that I can describe i