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haters and sensitivity.....

hey you guys, its ya girl JP coming at you on a very serious note today. i am going to do a post about haters and sensitiviy. some one asked me to do this a while back but since my inspiration and emotion is really hot right now, im doing it today. okay so keep in mind that this post may be a little longer than normal but it is a form of not only venting but helping. me helping the ones who undergo the most, to stay strong. it is also very raw and unedited so if iget on a touchy subject, excuse me. let me start with this, i was never someone who everyone just adored and had people just falling at my feet. no. ive always been liked however at sometimes it may have been by very few people or by alot of people. i cant lie and say that it didnt hurt to know that only a select few out of my entire grade were fond of me but i couldnt let it stop me either. i want everone who is enduring persecution, hateration, dishonesty, insecurities, bullying or hard times of any sort to know that y