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Fresh Face : Bernard Joiner!

Hey guys! How's everybody feeling? Today I am coming to you with the latest Fresh Face, Bernard Joiner! As an honors graduate who has been dancing since his early childhood, he is hustling to make himself into a true success story. Balancing high GPAs and high kick splits, he has managed to earn the respect of talent scouts, peers, professional dancers and instructors alike! He prides himself on claiming that he has lived the art of dance for over 9 years and plans to continue doing such until he can no longer. Hip hop is his strong suit but genres such as jazz, contemporary and others are far from foreign to him. As a part of his journey as a dancer, student and aspiring individual, he asks that you please check out his social media along with his GoFundMe for contributing towards his cause. Thank you!  Instagram "BeeJay_Perfect" Donate to the Dancer If you would like to become the next Fresh Face, then email me at with 4+ pictur


Hi guys! It has been a long time no see. Well, I am finally back with this highly requested post about how you can brand yourself to work from home! It's not as difficult as some may think but it does require hard work and diligence in order to be successful. Let's start off by listing the benefits of working from home! Flexible Schedule! (you can work as much or as little as you please) Convenience! (you don't have to be bothered with an every day commute) Time For Other Activities! (working from home allows you to do more than just work i.e school, kids, volunteering, hobbies) Being your own boss! (YOU get to decide what projects you take on and how many you will take on at once) Fast Cash! (many work from home jobs pay weekly straight to your PayPal or Checkings Account!) Less Stress! (no more worrying over silly employees, overly demanding managers and taking the wrap for your coworkers) Now that you've seen all of the beauty of working from hom