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Special Fresh Face : Wafaa LahLah

A goldsmith of couture, Wafaa LAHLAH has been a sewing enthusiast since she was very young. Cradled from her childhood by the purring of her mother's machine, she instilled in her the love of work. Thanks to the family talent, Wafaa LAHLAH is a gift for couture and creation. A gift that will become, over the years, a real passion. "I was sure to embrace a career in Haute Couture," she says. After a diploma of ready-to-wear, she decided to deepen her knowledge in the field of fashion and did a BTS of model making at INFP (National Institute of Vocational Training) of Oran. Wafaa LAHLAH will finish major of her promotion. An enterprising and ambitious woman, at the age of 24, she creates her own sewing school, her garment workshop (which she plans to reopen as soon as the opportunity arises) and will continue to create sublime haute couture collections. Her talent is such that she is asked by the Algerian television to give sewing classes on the program Télé matin. Af

A Quick Intro From Fresh Face, Chi Chi Lasha

"  Hello! My name is Chikita Jefferson. My model name is Chi Chi Lasha.I am from Memphis Tn. And i have been modelingfor 4 going on 5 yrs. I really love modeling. I have always wanted to be a model be a model since I was 15 yrs old but never thought I could do it because I had very low self-esteem. I am so happy that I decided to be a model. Being a fashion Model can be a inspiration not only to yourself but to the younger generation that wants to be in the fashion industry. I work with kids of all ages evryday with my modeling group called iHustle Modeling Group. I am the co-founder and Dennis my fiance with iHustle Clothing Company is the owner.          Beauty , size, and height play a big part in the modeling industry. Modeling will bring the confidence out of a person. I use to be the shiest person in the world but when I hit the runway I turn into a totally different person.  Being in front of the audience and cameras makes you feel like a superstar. I have done so man

Fresh Face: Love Voundi

Love Voundi is the CEO of Digitale Hype. Digitale Hype is a digital marketing company for entrepreneurs with a vision. We focus on green businesses, those engaged in being eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical. We are a brand's or company's new team to reach new heights together, new digital altitudes. What are your mission/goals? My goal is to offer affordable high-quality services to entrepreneurs. We have special offers suitable for small budgets. When I was an indie fashion designer, i used to pay cheap marketing services without getting results and agencies were out of my budget. So I would like to balance that and give anybody a chance to afford impeccable marketing services to assist in making their business a success by having a solid team behind their brand and see real results. To have an efficient team by an entrepreneur's side, puts off a lot of weight off their shoulders and they can keep focusing doing what they truly love. What is your

The Fire Behind The Fresh Faces Project : Fame Inflamed

Hi guys! I hope all is well ;-) Today, I have something super different for you all to see, which is an on camera interview segment with me. Now, you all are quite used to me being the one asking the questions, both on my blog, in my articles and on CAN TV. But, thanks to Miss Shada Cook, the host, and Jontue Rice, the videographer, I was given the chance to have a segment dedicated to learning about me. I am so happy to be able to have done this. Here are some of the topics we touched on : Love, Career Moves, Upcoming Projects for The Fresh Faces Project, Creativity vs Intellect and many more. Please enjoy the video below and check out the links as well. <3 Thank you guys so much again! SHADA COOK JONTUE RICE LIKE OUR NEW FACEBOOK! WORK WITH ME! CONTRIBUTE TO THE CAUSE!

Fresh Face: J. West

J.West is a 23-year-old rapper from Warsaw, IN. He has always had a passion for hip-hop music, though it wasn't until he graduated high school that he put that passion to action when he released his first project (My Life EP) in September of 2014. Shortly after its release West started working on a second project Destination Famous (Released in March of 2017) throughout that time West decided to take his music to a higher level by moving from a small town in Indiana to the city of Chicago, and since then has been on the rise! Mission/goals: My mission is to bring hope/change to people through my music and my life experiences. As well as just have a good time doing what I love. My Best Failure: My best failure would have to be worrying about what others think. From that, I learned that if you live for other peoples happiness/approval you'll never be satisfied with yourself and that makes it hard to move forward. What do I offer that many others don't: A very or

Live Out Loud Charity Ball

Hi guys! Thanks again for reading. I hope you all are well :) Today, I am coming to you to share a blog post about an amazing, literally life saving event that I was allowed to cover for you guys with my mother as my guest. This cause is very near and dear to my heart and I look forward to working with this organization as long as possible. This was the Live Out Loud Charity Ball and Fashion Show. This was produced by Sherrie Gearheart the Founder of Live Out Loud Charity and the Ms. Illinois America 2018 titleholder Thank you!  A Little Bit About The Organization:  Sherrie Gearheart founded Live Out Loud Charity (LOLC) in 2010 after losing her childhood friend to suicide. He was only nineteen years old at the time of his death. Since its inception, LOLC has educated millions of individuals globally on the signs of depression and suicide prevention. Live Out Loud Charity focuses on core character development, anti bullying, and suicide prevention.  What we experienced at