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Fresh Face: Paige Ryan, The Model

" Greetings! ​ I am a professional, traveling model with experience in various print projects, promotional events and fashion runway shows around the Illinois area and abroad. ​ I am also the current Ms. Worldwide Chicago Ambassador for Live Out Loud Charity for 2016 - 2017 where I advocate for Suicide Prevention, Anti-Bullying, PTSD and Domestic Abuse. I hope to change the language and negative stigma associated with mental illness among the inner city so that individuals will feel unashamed to seek out resources, support and help that could be life-saving. ​ My love for fashion and business led me to intern for various events and shows to learn more about the industry as a whole. A natural planner, I now use the knowledge I've learned to work as a Celebrity Assistant for some of the Midwest's top events. ​ In my leisure time, I am an avid reader and writer. I have written countless works of poetry and performance pieces as well as 1 novella. Overcoming

Fresh Face: Jacqui Monea, Author and Businesswoman

Jacqui Monea is a rising author and business graduate. She holds a Bachelor's of science majoring in Human Resources and Organizational Leadership and is Currently pursuing MBA. She works in the Housing Authority industry, utilizing her college education to successfully accomplish her career. As if she wasn't impressive enough in her zealous stride in business, she also has a strikingly creative mind! She has channeled her intellect and ambitious nature into a once passion project, now selling urban novel! First Released in the fall of 2016, "Innocence In A Sense" tells the story of a young woman from Chicago who has her share of men, enemies, and challenges. Facing all that life has to throw at her, the main character Coffee uses romance as a way to cope with it all. This book is real and raw, and jumps straight into drama from page one, and doesnt hold back anything. Created for a mature audience, intertwining urban fiction, love stories and thrills. The f

Fresh Faces: Lori Diamond Art, Marking The Movement For Art and Charity

You look at the image above and see a plethora of euphoric visual symbols that all connect to elude an uplifting vibe. That is not by mistake. The painting above was created by wonderous artist, Lori Diamond in pursuit of bringing hope to the universe. She wants this painting, although physically abstracted to give a clear sense of hope, faith and life to ones around the world. Her deepest philanthropic passion is to contribute to the emotional and physical wellbeing of children suffering serious illnesses. She acknowledges that art is a very powerful concept that can impact one's state of mind to a great degree. The only issue is to open the eyes of society so that they can come to recognize this as well. That is why she is marking a movement through her artistic practice to spread hope throughout the world. There is a very succinct connection between aesthetic value, cognitive value and spiritual value.  The asthetic value of something is determined by how visually

Fresh Face: Nygae White!

"Hi!  My name is Nygae White, I'm 22 years old and I'm a self taught MUA. I fell in love with makeup during my high school years and started learning how to do faces in my senior year of high school. I then started to do people's faces last year. I have been continuing my journey ever since then. I also started doing YouTube videos and it has taken me far as a makeup artist. I hope to one day be a big top makeup artist traveling all over the world and growing my brand and continue to make people feel beautiful about themselves. My favorite things about the beauty Industry are that there's always room to learn and grown as an makeup artist. My inspirations, believe it or not, come from people who I watch on YouTube like "AayliahJay", "Nikkietutorials", "AlissaAshley" and so many more. I pray that people continue to give me opportunities and continue to watch me grow as an Makeup artist and can learn from me one day. Love, Nyg