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Fresh Face: Ilka Tamar

"I am a fashion model with almost 20 years experience. I also have my own blog which is all about fashion, beauty and modeling. It can be used as personal tools for a confident lifestyle, boosting girls self confidence " - Ilka Tamar

What is your proudest moment throughout your career?
Out of almost 20 years in modeling, my proudest moment is when I opened my own Modeling School back in my hometown of Puerto Rico called "MetaMorphosis by Ilka Tamar." Modeling is a passion for me but being able of teach my experiences during all this years is my biggest motivation. My Modeling Academy allowed all kind of students petites, plus, and older moedls (30+). I believe there are no limitations to learn modeling as self confidence.

Who is an inspirational role model for you?
My biggest inspiration is my grandma, she is the person that I have always looked up to. She is a strong woman with a straight mind set to conquer whatever is put in her plate. She taught me that no matter what you achieve in life, never change who you are and always stay true to yourself without losing your values.

If you could change one thing about the industry, what would it be and why? 

If I could change one thing in the industry, more chances would be given to girls without money. Sometimes there is a lot of gorgeous girls with plenty of talent but they can't make it since they don't have the money or the connections to be in the modeling industry.

What do “success” and “failure” mean to you?

Success for me is getting goals done. It is more than a car, a house or anything that is categorized as "material things".Being a hard-working person in life and setting your mind on goals and achieving them , that for me is real success. Failures is part of the growing experience we will have in life. Getting through failures is the real deal but you must know how to manage and learn from them.

What is one rejection that you received earlier in your career that feel shaped your character as a businesswoman?
One rejection that makes my character as a businesswoman was one time when I first started modeling. I started because I used to suffer from bullying in school used it to gain confidence. Someone told me that I was never going to be a model I was too ugly and exotic to be one. Fast forward 20 years, I have my on modeling school inspiring other women to love themselves and to learn tools to be used as self confidence.

Use the word "defeat" in a sentence that relates to you. Then tell me why you chose that sentence.
I accept defeat as part of success. Being successful comes with a lot of failure at first, but failure teaches us how to wok on goals in a different way next time and learn. I chose that sentence because failure is part of what we encounter when we set our minds on goals.

Why do you do what you do?
I do Modeling as an expressive art for me. Being on camera is letting my alter ego and creativity flow. I love to instruct modeling to others as an art more than just an exterior stereotype, physical knowledge just for magazines or runway.

Golden advice for aspiring talents and entrepreneurs?
Never give up, I used to be a bullied girl in school, and after I take modeling lessons it was a lot worse on the castings ect... I learn to be strong and don't let people's opinion getting me set away from my goals.


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