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Living My Best Life Tour: 2021 Fresh Faces Project Awards, Retiring From Pageantry, New Business Endeavors, and The Rock Concert of The Decade!

  Hi Guys! Thanks for coming back to read another chapter of the Living My Best Life Tour. It's been a while, but with my life being much busier that it was before, I try to only come on here when I have a host different good news announcements to share. And, today is that day! It actually amazes me that even with my inactivity, the blog I started in high school over a decade ago still gets thousands of views a month (Thanks guys :D) . This is actually the very first blog post that I've written from the comfort of my new home office in my new apartment. I've finally accomplished a major milestone and gotten my own place in a really nice Chicago suburb with the space and layout I needed, moving out of my family's home on November 1st, 2021 at 25 years old. I will have an official house tour with an in depth office tour filmed soon and will upload and more in depth blog about the process then! Since we last spoke, there were quite a few major life updates that have occurr