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Scholarship Fundraiser Gala, Accomplishing Big Things in Business, Chicago Fashion Week, Broadway Escapades and more!

Hey guys! It's been a busy last few months and I have so much to share! Let's get into it. BEING A SPONSOR AT A BLACK NURSING SCHOLARSHIP FUNDRAISER   My aunt, Dr. Thomas, is a member of the Lambda Pi Alpha black nursing sorority 💜💜. I was honored to attend, alongside my parents and other family, their 90th anniversary scholarship fundraiser gala to commemorate all of the community service that they've done as a black women led organization, trying to uplift other women of color within healthcare! My aunt gave a brief speech reviewing their 5-figure scholarship amounts that would be bridging the gap between young low income minority women and a career in nursing. I was also very happy to get the chance to be a program book sponsor to support a great cause and promote my firm, The Calynn Communications & Creative corporation . BUSINESS ACCOLADES - Indie Wrap, Yahoo! Finance, Canvas Rebel, BOLD Journey, Project DeConstruction     Speaking of my business, ya girl has b