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New 2016 Partnership, The Fresh Faces Project Headliners H.U.E.Y. Gang

What's up guys! I hope all has been well with you. I am coming at you to inform you that the 2016 Fresh Faces Project is in full motion and it has some new headliners, H.U.E.Y. Gang ! It has been my pleasure working with them over the years and growing to build a solid foundation for our newly found partnership! As the headliners, they are now recruited as a huge part of my team and have the right to exercise creative license when recruiting potential participants and making suggestions as far as the non profit campaign goes. Thanks so much to them, specifically Lawrence Mead AKA The Law of H.U.E.Y.(@thelawofhuey), whom has been hands down the most resourceful and helpful . Just a few words from the entrepreneurial genius himself about the group include the following: "H.U.E.Y.'s purpose in the industry is to provide the world with excellent music while simultaneously providing sincere community service." According to him, because H.U.E.Y. is not a group, yet

FAQ 2016

Hi guys!  I hope all is well with you! I know it has been a long time no see. I know that there have been a few questions that I have left unanswered. Such as why I haven't fulfilled the following two portions of the Pretty Little Liars collaboration. Well, in short we had creative differences and large communication issues which led to the failure of the first portion (#whoicAe). However, I still am a fan of the network, I just will not be conducting business with them any more as we weren't fit for each other. Also, why haven't I uploaded on Youtube yet? Well, I just got a new video camera and studio lights so I will finally be getting some videos up for you guys! The last question being why have I been so MIA on social media? Since I just got done moving and am about to graduate my post secondary education, I have not had as much leisure time as I'd like :( But hard work reaps rich rewards. With that said love you guys and stay tuned for my next post! Calynn