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OOTD and Makeup: Grunge Couture

Hi guys! I know it's definitely been a while (years) since I have done an OOTD but I felt that I should get back in the habit of creating them! So, from now on I want to make a note that I will upload an OOTD as often as possible. On this day, I was feeling kinda down so I went for more of a grunge couture persona! MAKEUP: Face- Full coverage foundation, powder shimmer highlight and matte contour Lips - Ombre lipstick, black on the outer lining and berry red on the inner lips with clear gloss Eyes- Black charcoal eyeliner, gold on the lid, pale teal in the crease, sheer lilac under the brow, lots of mascara! Eyebrows- dark brown pigment OUTFIT Shoes- Black military dress boots with silver embellishments Shirt- Thigh length black cotton short sleeve Bottoms- Black stretch pants Jewelry- Silver lock and key necklace, chunky silver chain HAIR Low military bun Thanks for reading! :) Follow me on my social media please


Hey guys! I know that it's been an extremely long time since I have made an updated hair journey post. It's probably been at least 2 years, but I am back now. If you have been following my blog since the beginning, you know that at the beginning of my hair journey (December 2010) I had hair that was barely past my neck. It was cut into a muffin top bob. You can check that out under the "HAIR" section of my blog, scrolling back to my original posts. Since then I have grown my hair to various lengths multiple times, simply by following a few simple steps which I will share with you today! I swear to you that these tips are tried and true, even if you have never been able to grow your hair past your ears! This will help you get long, healthy hair in no time. Because I have drastically cut my hair multiple times throughout my journey, you probably wouldn't think that my hair has grown too much over almost five years. However, that is quite the opposite. I have been

YEAR BOOK P1 (Comments to my former Classmates and A Few Honorary Mentions)

Hey guys! I'm coming at you today with a discussion post. It has been quite a while since I made one of these. However, I was inspired by reminiscing with some of my associates about how much your experiences in school shape the sort of person that you become in the real world. I must say that I can agree because my times in both high school and grade school certainly affected the person that I have grown to be. Honestly, I wouldn't take it back, not the awkward moments, the piles of school work, mindless beefing with your peers, memorizing pointless facts that you won't ever apply in life again unless you go into a certain field..all of that teaches you social skill, builds character, reinforces your personal discipline and allows you to discover who you are and what you want to do with your life. Everything happens for a reason! This post is dedicated to my former 2014 high school classmates. I will do a follow up post "Year Book P2" for my grammar school c