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Hi Guys :)! How's everyone doing today? I hope all is well. I am coming to you guys with a product collab with Pure Romance! First let me say thank you to the company for all of the things that they have provided me with because these products are surely amazing. They sent me the following products for review: 1)Kiss Fragrance Mist ($20) 2)Coochy Shave Cream ($20) 3)Body Silk ($20) 4)Body Dew Hydrating Oil Mist ($20) The Kiss Fragrance Mist is such a beautiful aroma that is quick, easy and long lasting. With a subtle but sweet sent of pineapple sorbet and vanilla, it leaves you smelling absolutely scrumptious! I feel that this is perfect for the woman who loves to go out and have a great time with her friends but doesn't always have the time or extra funds to splurge on a $50 perfume! This $20 fragrance mist will have you smelling great for hours with just a few sprays. The Coochy Shave Cream was lovely on my legs! It provided a softening effect on my skin a