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Viral Internet Comedians, Cashboys613 , Share A Few Words With The Fresh Faces Project

"Our team members consists of CashboySteevy ( AKA Steevy Baby ), CashboyDydy, Big Sheng,  King H and CashboyReg ( Reggie Cash Answered these questions as the group spokesperson ). Cashboys613 ,  that’s our name and that’s who we are when we make these videos." How did you get started in your craft? Well I started my journey 6 years ago by making YouTube videos, but then me and my boy just had a different view of what we wanted in terms of careers. So for about 2 years I just focused on hosting. I knew Steevy Baby and one day he reached out to me saying that he really wanted me to join him and his cousin to make funny videos on Facebook. That’s really how Cashboys613 started we were 3 for the longest time giving our fans great comedy on a weekly basis.  In terms for Big Sheng, he has his own YouTube Channel and he was doing his own thing  and King H is the rapper of the group and we always felt like he was funny and he could contribute great ideas. We all came toget

Fresh Face: Lena Seyfarth !

Hi guys! Thanks so much for rerading! Today, I am here to share some information on a phenomenal teen fashion model named Lena Seyfarth. She is a fierce blonde with photo attitude and real life sweetness. Here's her story! Lena started modeling when she was 10 years old. Since then she walked in five fashion shows for Live Out Loud Charity, one of them being New York Fashion Week. Lena loves to be in front of the camera and her pictures got published in several magazines, like ‘Haute Couture Chicago’, ‘Get Inspired Magazine’, ‘Petite Magnifique Magazine’, ‘World Class Teen Models Magazine’, ‘Sprinkle Kids Magazine’, ‘TTC’, and ‘Model Source Magazine’. Lena has several Photo Vogue Italia watermarks. Makeup is one of Lena’s hobbies; she is developing into an aspiring makeup artist. In school Lena is a straight A student, her favorite subjects being science, math, and band. Lena plays the flute in school band as well as Palmyra Community Band. Athletically Lena is a swimmer, swi

ULTA Beauty Grand Opening On Pulaski Street, Chicago

Hi guys! I hope you all are doing well. I'm coming at you guys to tell you about an awesome experience that I had with ULTA Beauty. They had their grand opening of a new Chicago location at 4140 S Pulaski Rd a few weeks ago and I had the honor of attending as press, alongside my assistant Shay. I must say that they did more than wow us, they completely moved us. The new store location is very nicely set up, as well as being much more easily accessible to those on the southwest side of Chicago. Rather than the downtown and suburban locations, which are also nice, you can drive a few minutes away or just hop a quick bus from home and get all of your favorite goodies! We recieved such great treatment as VIP press for the grand opening including a private tour of the new store, being allowed to be a part of a pep rally, being offered complimentary facials and even being gifted coupon vouchers! I've been going to ULTA for years but I must say that was the best time I've pers