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The Fresh Faces Project Meets Venta: Teen Artists Visually Conceptualize Airwashers

Hi there! Thanks for returning to the blog for another collaboration post between Venta and The Fresh Faces Project! We enlisted the creativity of four awesome Chicago teens to give us their artistic interpretation of a Venta Airwasher.  Below are their submissions, please enjoy and let us know which ones you like! CAM  Hi, my name is Camrynn Lawrence. I'm a junior at John Hancock College Prep and I adore art. I am currently in AP photography and AP ART and I want to major in some art form during my college years. I enjoy all types of art but I mainly thrive in Digital Art and/or Graphic Design. My art work is of the Venta Airwasher as a super hero! Since the company color is blue (the Venta logo) I used a blue V on his chest. But, since the company was founded in Germany I incorporated the Germany flag colors  (yellow, black and red) into the super hero outfit. HE'S SAVING THE DAY FROM HOT AND DIRTY AIR WOOO! Instagram IRENE There were crayons every


  "Until there came, the night of nights where the strong would become the lame" "She fell sick for a fool who had her plagued, bubonic" "He was her hero, then villain, now nothin’, ironic" "He'd bring out her dark side, Raven , Cmo$" "He recognize who’s Wayne and who’s Robin, the best and the below" "It's Lois Lane, sorry I missed ya." SUPERMAN IS DEAD Once upon a time, there lived a dame She was the knight of knights Entrapped in a horrid game Until there came, the night of nights Where the strong would become the lame She fell sick for a fool who had her plagued, bubonic Now they not even friends, homies, platonic He was her hero, then villain, now nothin’, ironic How’d he sleep on a legend? not even a myth, iconic Didn’t he know she was Supergirl? Beyond Bionic Now she’s retractin’,‘cause he was lackin’, Moronic