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 "Until there came, the night of nights where the strong would become the lame"

"She fell sick for a fool who had her plagued, bubonic"

"He was her hero, then villain, now nothin’, ironic"

"He'd bring out her dark side, Raven, Cmo$"

"He recognize who’s Wayne and who’s Robin, the best and the below"

"It's Lois Lane, sorry I missed ya."


Once upon a time, there lived a dame
She was the knight of knights
Entrapped in a horrid game
Until there came, the night of nights
Where the strong would become the lame

She fell sick for a fool who had her plagued, bubonic
Now they not even friends, homies, platonic
He was her hero, then villain, now nothin’, ironic
How’d he sleep on a legend? not even a myth, iconic
Didn’t he know she was Supergirl? Beyond Bionic
Now she’s retractin’,‘cause he was lackin’, Moronic
Hard lesson to swallow, but she took it straight, no Tonic
Her silence says it all, no words, Non-sonic
Atleast now they on the same page, in sync, Harmonic

Drew her forcibly, almost magneticly, Magneto
Seemed so heavenly, Archangel, but soon she’d see though
He’d bring out her dark side, Raven, Cmo$
Runnin’ his mouth like sports, Quicksilver, rapido  
Almost became her nemesis like Ultron and Black Widow
Triggered her beast mode, Elektra, codigo rojo
Superman mistook her for his fan, his flunky, Krypto
Unaware she was the Huntress, Birds of Prey, but now he know
She could crush a tiny bug like that, Ant Man, with one blow
He recognize who’s Wayne and who’s Robin, the best and the below
Showed he was a snake, Venom, spittin’ poison on the low
Tryna take away her power, lights out, Electro
All that to get buzzin’ ,Yellow Jacket, but you couldn’t sting Joe

“Superman” was really a boy, see
Almost let him unlock her heart with a toy key
What once was her subordination, employee
Became “I’m the boss, you the son. Yo take lo que te doy, G.”
“After all of this, all you do is annoy me.”
“But, its cool ‘cause its new law that Ima deploy, Qui”
“Yet, and still you could NEVER say that you destroyed me.”
“It’s 7 lights at the end of my tunnel, you just decoyed me.”

Now she’s all healed up from her heart’s wounds and blisters
Even though she know she still gotta put up with all the looks and whispers
Talkin’ like she’s a floosie but he never even kissed her
Maybe it was kinda good that he dissed her
‘Cause that hurt made her stronger, it would uplift her
And, when he check the top stats, they still list her
But, when he hit the line in two years
“It’s Lois Lane. Sorry, I missed ya”

**Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with DC or Marvel comics. The described "Superman" is not DC's fictional character.

WRITTEN BY: Calynn M Lawrence


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