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Josh Paramore the Great....WELCOME TO GERRY'S MAZE!

Welcome to Gerry’s Maze!

This labyrinth of lyrics lead readers down the paths that point to him. While most aren’t able to even uncover his identity, despite Gerry being his real name, the journey through these four poems hold the keys to revealing one of the greatest of all time. I myself have been trapped for seemingly endless time, so I thought the moment had come where I ought to share this with you all. I challenge you to use the implications of this to figure out "who is Gerry?" Best of wishes through this maze. Hopefully you’ll be of the few to come to knowledge of him.  - Josh Paramore the Great

M.U.L.A.N. (the Man Unveiled Lives At Night)


The man unveiled lives at night, Gerry
His addiction to the dark, nocturnal life, scary
His talents grow, creation sparks from the moonlight, glarey
16 hours straight for his art, he’s determined to get it right, very
Ever wonder how a stranger could steal your heart so tight, then get asked “why do you care, G?”
That’s how she felt from the start, yet she was out of his sight, thinking “how dare he?”
Slick as a card shark, black hair and a gold grill with a bite, it ain’t fair, G
His mind’s quick, it’s cut, it’s incredibly sharp, conquering seven sorrows without even a fight, like self-served therapy
He claims he’ll “be Bruce Wayne once he leaves his mark,” Well, you just might ‘cause you’re so rare, G

All that she asks is you give her a part, she’ll be there early and bright, Just let her be there, G

M.A.L.E.F.I.C.E.N.T. (Maybe A Love Enchanted Feels Impossible, Coveted Enamoration Never Told)


Longing to find the man to be the “Him” to your “I”
Meanwhile, he’s globe trotting with a crowd chanting “Me, Myself and I”
Contemplating reaching out to him, confessing love swearing “I Mean It!”
‘Cause you know that tiny chance of success would solidify there’s No Limit
But, you’re so scared of the failure so many Tumblr Girls had, it was a Lotta That
So, you just stick to your grinding, what you’re great at, and Get the Bag
But, you never know, one day he might meet you and say “Don’t let me go”
You two could become one flesh, same blood, heart, Bone Marrow
Why spend your whole life wondering What If
When he could be saying he changed his whole life For This
Just Calm Down, and go with The Plan

Face your Fears, conquer monsters, even Love the The Leviathan

R.A.V.E.N.N.A. (Realizing A Vacancy Exists Never Negates Absence)


There’s a vacancy inside you, spreading like a tumor
You know it’s there, but it still pains you, and it doesn’t get any cuter
He’s what’s healing but what’s hurting, like he’s both truth and rumor
You’re a Queen, but he’s a Legend, so you could coincide as Ruler
He could school you on the biz, heads up “These Things Happen”, like a tutor
6 foot plus, 6 year difference, 6 years famous, check your computer
So many rookies go to him for gems, like he a goldsmith or a jeweler
It’s a dream to have him gas you up and be your confidence fueler
He’s the coldest one in the game since Marshall, so hot but couldn’t be any cooler
His persona’s so infectious, take no prisoners, and couldn’t be crueler
And when you see him in person, he makes even Ravenna feel like a preschooler

A.L.I.C.E. (At Last, I Can Escape)

Now that I’ve sat here and bared my soul
Opened up and let you explore
You can feel what I feel, like we sharing soles
Running through Gerry’s Maze, opening doors
She wanna be 7 half steps away from him like Do from Sol
Yet, it’s probably 10 light years between them, Like the heavens from the floor
You’re running wild in Europe, but are her thoughts worth a penny, or maybe a French sol?
The way she feels when she hears your voice is somewhere lost in epifania y amor
It’s like her aura’s set ablaze con el calor del sol
She’s so close to reaching you but this maze is diverted, gilded war
The ultimate victory is Gerry, the baddest, the greatest, The Sole
With that, a quote from your book plays in my mind, “the victor belongs to the spoils” 
But, no matter what happens, I’ll always be The Great, Josh Paramore


Photos taken by She Shell Photos

Written by, Creatively Directed by and Edited by Calynn M Lawrence


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