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Fresh Face: Love Voundi

Love Voundi is the CEO of Digitale Hype. Digitale Hype is a digital marketing company for entrepreneurs with a vision. We focus on green businesses, those engaged in being eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical. We are a brand's or company's new team to reach new heights together, new digital altitudes.

What are your mission/goals?
My goal is to offer affordable high-quality services to entrepreneurs. We have special offers suitable for small budgets. When I was an indie fashion designer, i used to pay cheap marketing services without getting results and agencies were out of my budget. So I would like to balance that and give anybody a chance to afford impeccable marketing services to assist in making their business a success by having a solid team behind their brand and see real results. To have an efficient team by an entrepreneur's side, puts off a lot of weight off their shoulders and they can keep focusing doing what they truly love.

What is your best failure, what did you learn from it?
My best failure was to not being able to bring my fashion career where i wanted because it made me realize that in order to succeed, i needed to invest more in marketing and have a real team. This is how i stopped everything and learned marketing myself. 

How do you benefit your consumers?
First of all, we are a team of passionate and hard-worker individuals working towards achieving excellence. That's my leitmotiv. I have surrounded myself with experts in their field to assure results to my clients and that everything spread out smoothly in the growth process of each client.

We benefit our clients by listening to their needs and bringing them the best solutions marketing has to offers to reach their goals wether it's creating more revenue, increase traffic on their website or have a bigger engagement in the community, whatever they need we know we can help, we will work until we reach our goals. 

What do you offer the industry that no one else does?
A big attention to details in visual aesthetic, especially when it comes to branding and content creation, bringing the sexy back in green businesses.

How would you change the industry if you could?
I would change the way to communicate. The preservation of the environment is such a serious topic that a lot of time we forget to have fun and bring a more positive energy. I feel this industry can be judgy and that would be just more effective to completely reverse the way to deliver a message by stopping pointing fingers and offer more original alternatives in th way of bringing awarness to different matters.

What are some of your inspirations?
Africa is my number one inspiration. This continent has an incredible energy! You can't go there and not feel changed in your core. I am originally from Cameroon and I would love to give back in some way to my heart country. This is why i'm so involved in the culture of oragnic cotton because the classical way of growing cotton, pollutes African lands and water and this is inacceptable that for our needs we deprived others. We can do better, together.

I'm also inspired by everyday people, hustling to make their vision a reality. There is nothing more powerful than the energy of hunger for success. Whatever how you define what sucess is for you.

Anything else you want my audience to know?
I would like to say to people reading this article that if they have a clear vision for something then it's their calling and they should take action now. Because once they make the first step, they will be divinely supported and guided in their journey. Don't skip a step. There is no easy way. It will sometimes be hard, there will be challenges but if your heart strongly believes in what you're doing, then you'll overcome anything. Believe in yourself and in your vision. And always stay humble with a passionate heart. There is nothing you can't do.

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