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Fresh Face: G Simone

An O.G. #GirlBoss In The Entertainment Industry

By Calynn M Lawrence

Have you ever met someone that was cool beyond their age? Someone that spoke such truths and packed such a punch that you could not help but admire them? I have. That’s Miss G Simone. She’s every bit of awesome with a slither of street and somehow that comes together as the fabulousness that is her persona. This article is just a quick 5 minute interview that I had with her.

Who are you? GSimone is a music industry maven, who’s career has roots stemming back to the nineties. I have released many well received projects such as my songs “I Know, You Know” and “Music For The 90’s.” My EP, “My Music, Your Conversation”, revealed a sultry and
melodic sound that is quintessential old school R&B.

Today  I reimagine my musical vision through Hip Hop / EDM on my new single “Queen From the Ghetto.” This track is far more than sonically pleasing, it has a message. “Queen From The Ghetto” embodies my mission to uplift and encourage people to thrive, regardless of background; all while providing an up-tempo beat and catchy lyrics you can dance to.

Introduce yourself in 3 sentences or less? Often praised for her complex lyricism and unique voice, Simone G. Parker—perhaps better known as “GSimone”—is a singer, songwriter, producer, executive and entrepreneur.  

Why did you get started doing music?  When I was 16, I would always sing in the car around my friends and they would say “you have a nice voice.” So, by 19 I was writing poetry and songs then I started recording with a guy named Sam who I worked with at an insurance company in Queens. We did a few songs and videos and sent the music to several Record Companies, most were rejections or just no response. I would continue to write for several years after.

What is your favorite thing about doing music? Writing songs. I envelop myself into a story and imagine how the listener will feel when they hear the lyrics.

How would you classify yourself? Genre wise. Or do you not have a genre?
Music is recived diferntly now a days, its hard at tome to catogories because all the genres are combining there musical greatness to create  Sometimes it’s Hip-Hop, EDM, Pop, Reggae, R&B, Jazz I love all Music.

What are some goals of yours? To write songs that heal people, inspire people, help people.

Upcoming projects? I am currently working on my 7 song EP titled “Arrived”, to be released in late November along with a new book “Identifying Your F.A.I.T.H.”

What is one thing you hate about the music industry? No no no, I don’t hate. If you hate you hate yourself first. The industry is the industry. There’s nothing to not like, it’s just something to master.

Talk a little bit about the concept of "girl power" or being a #girlboss ?

can we use lady boos here I can expound on the acronym love and develp yourself, or is girlpower part of your brand?
Maybe we should hash tag (lady boss). I have an acronym for LADY - Love And Develop Yourself. That’s what it’s all about, the discovery and development of who you are.

Tell me some of your favorite artists? I am a fan of all artist,  Ms Hill, Ms Badu, Alicia Keys,  Detra Nada , Ms Malato, Dynasty the DY, Mary J Blige, Little Mo, Michelle, Carbi B, Sza, Sade, Lady Luck, Jazz (Tami Romans daughter) Jada Kiss,  50 Cent, Remy Ma, Fat Joe, J Cole, Common, Sarah  McClachglan, Will I Am, Neo, Pit Bull the list goes on and on.

What inspires you? My family

Enjoyed the interview? I know you did! ;-) Here’s where you can find Miss Simone G. Go check her out :)



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