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Fresh Face: Elysia Ganier

Hi guys!

Thanks for reading as always! I have to inform you guys of this amazing Girl Boss, who's name is Elysia Ganier. She has me floored when I saw her work. She is the CEO and Head Fashion Designer for Ganier Designs. Her brilliant fusion of sophistication and edge are what make her so unique. When you think of the modern day professional wear, you'll bet your bottom dollar that its simple yet cute. But, Miss Ganier's approach to the concept borders moreso along the lines of maybe a rock star businesswoman? And it is FABULOUS! You may see me rocking one of her creations at an upcoming event.

I'm sure you are wondering a little bit more about Miss Ganier. So, here's her story:

Elysia Ganier, an International Academy of Design and Technology graduate, is a Fashion Designer for high profile individuals who look to make a lasting impression through creative and unique designing.  With over 20+ years of designing, Elysia is an expert in creating designs that personifies the image that her clients can't resist.  She is known for helping individuals of influence convey Style, Power, and Confidence through her designs. Her Elite Custom Process affords her clients to achieve achieve the proper FIT, hide FLAWS and remain FASHIONABLY relevant! Her talent scored her an internship at Chicago's own Barbara Bates of Bates Designs, Inc. that developed into a long lasting relationship with the company.  She continued to freelance many years for Ms. Bates while working full-time in Corporate America and never lost her dream to become a great designer herself.  While still working her 9-5 job, she came across an opportunity to compete for chance to design a "work to wherever" piece specifically for Steve Harvey's Women's Wear Collection and  won.  Her garment would then be sold as apart of the collection at all K&G stores. 
Elysia's designs have been worn for such notables as Marisa Buchheit, Miss Illinois, Miss Black Illinois USA 2014 and 2015 winners, Mariah Scott and Destiny Lee and BET's Comic View Comedian, Sheree Luckett.  In 2015, her designs were also worn by reality star of Real Housewives of Atlanta and former Miss USA, Ms. Kenya Moore. In 2015, Elysia decided to branch out on her own full-time leaving her 9-5 behind.  Three months into what she thought would be a great start turned out to be one of the most unexpected times of her life.  She was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called "Neuromyelitis Optica" this disease attacked her spinal cord which caused her to become paralyzed from the chest down. But her faith in God proved that miracles do happen if we trust and believe. Elysia still has challenges that she faces everyday but she refused to give up on her dreams. After a couple of years, she decided to reorganize her business around her challenges and go after her dreams.  She has managed to work at her own pace and design a "come back" collection for Spring/Summer 2017.

Pretty impressive right? Well, you can check out the links and images below to find out even more about her! Might I add that she is a Fresh Faces supporter, having purchased my newly released novel linked below. That was greatly appreciated!

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