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Infiniti Car Fashion Week, Mod Culture and Jegie Brand With Miss Illinois Petite

Hi guys! 

I hope all is good for you. Today, I am coming at you guys with a post about one of my beloved business partners and a role model of mine. She is a shark! Her name is Miss Jegie Carrera and I have had the honor of connecting with her and having the opportunity to create some future collaborations with her project wise. You probably know her as Miss Illinois Petite 2016, however, her talents go far beyond a beauty queen. Her personality does as well, she is a joy to work with and a pleasure to talk to. I was able to attend her Mod Culture Launch and her fashion segment for Infiniti Car fashion week and I can honestly say that both were dope! 

Here is a little bit more info Miss Jegie so that I can clarify her bossness lol. She's not just cute but she's smart! She is bilingual and has a bachelor's degree in computer engineering as well as other technical certifications. With this knowledge, she became the CEO and Co Founder of her own technology firm, ISO Networks LLC. Other ventures that she has done are the fact that she has created the platform for radio show, "Women Everywhere" alongside cohost Felicity Woodson. She is a fashion designer for the Jegie Brand and of course is the CEO! Holding the title of Carrera Co USA's Co-Founder. This company focuses on branding, development and event production on a global scale. She has launched her own seasonal fashion magazine entitled, Mod Culture. As well being the State Dorector for Miss Earth United States!! WOW if that is not a heavy hitting resume then I do not know what is. On top of all of that, she still manages to make efforts to help others with her charity No1GoesHungryChicago which focuses on poverty alleviation, volunteer assistance to homeless shelters as well as monthly food drives. This woman is like super girl!

I ask that you guys please go check out the links and images below! This woman is surely someone you would like to keep an eye on. Thank you so much again to her for making this relationship possible for me :) <3 !



Jegie Carrera Facebook
Jegie Brand Facebook
Miss Crowd Sourced Facebook
Carrera Co Facebook

HER RADIO COST** Felicity Woodson Facebook
PHOTOGRAPHER ** Jontue Rice Facebook
MISS VOLUPTUOUS DIVA 2016** Latonya Bright Facebook

Angelica Herrera Facebook
Angelica Castenada Facebook
Lili Lyalya Facebook
Joanna Manoweic Facebook
Anna Szczurek Facebook
Arnela Karabegovic Facebook
Erika Foresman Facebook
Julia Kay Facebook
Tabitha Turner Facebook
Karla Maglantay Facebook
Chloe Paige Facebook
Neethu Balan Facebook
Oksana Kristi Facebook
Bri Alicia Facebook
Ayana Iman Facebook
Kyra Facebook
Krysle Okeke

Wunderland Fashion Show
African Festival of Arts Gala 2016
Miss Voluptuous Diva 2016


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