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Hi guys!

It has been a long time no see. Well, I am finally back with this highly requested post about how you can brand yourself to work from home! It's not as difficult as some may think but it does require hard work and diligence in order to be successful.

Let's start off by listing the benefits of working from home!
  • Flexible Schedule! (you can work as much or as little as you please)
  • Convenience! (you don't have to be bothered with an every day commute)
  • Time For Other Activities! (working from home allows you to do more than just work i.e school, kids, volunteering, hobbies)
  • Being your own boss! (YOU get to decide what projects you take on and how many you will take on at once)
  • Fast Cash! (many work from home jobs pay weekly straight to your PayPal or Checkings Account!)
  • Less Stress! (no more worrying over silly employees, overly demanding managers and taking the wrap for your coworkers)
Now that you've seen all of the beauty of working from home, let's discuss how you can actually make it happen! 


Before you start working from home, you MUST have a niche! A niche is a specialty area that your brand will center upon. I, myself, have chosen a fashion and beauty niche. This means that majority of the work that I do and the secular endeavors that I choose revolve around the beauty and fashion industry. I occasionally stray to related projects in entertainment, however, that is only sporadically!


You must have a working computer and a reliable Internet connection in order to work from home! This is because the vast majority of clients are going to have you submit your work via email or upload. Very seldom will you use postal services unless your craft is selling actual tangible products as opposed to selling services. Also, you will need the Internet to launch your brand!


Having Internet presence is more than vital in today's times. To not utilize social media to the fullest extent to brand yourself and market your craft would be way less than smart! It's free, fun and billions of people use it every single day! If you do not want to sign up for every single sort of social media, that is fine. Simply, be sure to sign up for the major ones : Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! Followers will come and go but you want to stay persistent and post on a regular basis to keep your fan base strong! If you'd like to follow me on my social media, you can click on the following links :) Please and thanks, it's appreciated


Starting a blog is very fun and a great pass time. If you blog on a consistent basis, according to your niche, you will eventually gain a following. This will strengthen the credibility of your opinion and give you an online voice! Companies will be attracted to this and in turn reach out to you! Perhaps, trying to set up product collabs or asking to use your blog for advertising or even offering you a full time position! Just be sure to be yourself yet be professional. Excessive swearing and distasteful content will not at all be in your favor! Don't forget to share your posts on your social media as well to drive more traffic to your blog.


You can not just expect to start working from home in your selected niche with no experience and still gain tons of followers and loads of clients. That is highly unrealistic! Before you decide you want to start doing your own thing, hone your skills with those greater than you. Do internships in your desired field, apply for apprenticeships and volunteer! Even if it means working for free, you need to be sure that you have a minimum of 2 year's experience in field before expecting things to take off. Those connections that you make with employers will last forever. That will always be another reference for your resume and another email or phone number for your contacts! I, myself, did a vast variety of internships and jobs all throughout high school that all connected with my craft prior to working from home. This experience got me the status that I needed to be successful. Even though I had to miss out on a lot of fun activities, I would not take it back for anything.


A huge part of branding yourself is shameless self promotion! This means that you need to do as much as you can to get people interested and noticing your brand! Invest in business cards WITH YOUR FACE ON THEM, even T shirts if you want and any other merchandise to sell yourself without a word. People do not always remember names but they do remember faces. Therefore, whenever you meet someone new who may be a future asset to your brand/business or a potential client, give them your card! This includes, classmates, friends, family, workmates, people on the street and anybody else that you come in contact with!


Part of improving in skill is heavy research! Whatever your chosen field, you need to be sure that you are keeping up with that industry. This means regularly checking the Internet for breaking stories, social media for celebrity mogul updates, watching interviews, and reading up on the happening trends! I, myself, am into fashion and beauty. Therefore, I make sure that I subscribed to a minimum of 2 fashion magazines every year. Along with following many major people/companies in the industry on social media and YouTube. This keeps me up to date so that I can thus have a thorough, well developed knowledge!


No matter what career you enter, it is always a major plus to have some credentials under your belt. This is practically vital to your success! It allows you some wiggle room and a safety net for when things get slow and business may not be as good. Also, you would have the ability to up and ;eave your work from home position at any time if necessary or desired. This does not mean that you essentially have to purse a Bachelor's or even a Master's before you get started working from home. However, it would be extremely wise to look into programs that your local community college offers. Cross reference these with career options,average wages , work conditions and job availability. All of these should be factors  in deciding what you want to take up. Whatever you choose, do the best that you can! Because companies do ask for transcripts so grades do matter! I, myself, chose to triple major within my time in school so as to graduate with an Arts Degree, a Marketing Management certification and a Business Accounting certification, and I will be graduating with honors for all three of these. Although it may seem like a lot, all 3 of these credentials strengthen my craft, credibility and knowledge of social media marketing and representation!


Join the Fresh Face Campaign! I started this campaign to allow new, aspiring individuals free exposure and spotlight. It doesn't matter if you are into painting, dancing or engineering, your ambition qualifies you to be featured on my social media as a part of the campaign so please join the movement! All you have to do is email me at with 4+ pictures, a summary of your talent and experience (resume a plus) and links to your social media! I look forward to hearing from you ;)


My final tip for you all is to start off using Elance! This is an awesome site that has helped me build a great client base and earn good money! It's free to sign up and you there is a crazy amount of diverse project offers for every body! Use one of the links below to get started :)

THere you have it guys! That is your post on how to work from home! I wish all of you the best and thanks for reading :) Let me know what posts you would like to see next.


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